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It is very hard for a bride to choose her bridesmaids. So consider it as an honor if you get chosen.

When I chose my bridesmaids, I chose girls who have made a significant impact in my life. I chose among those who cried with me and among those who constantly cheer me up. 

Usually, bridesmaids in this country  just strut down the aisle.  I took a more western approach. Each of my bridesmaids had roles and responsibilities. Because of this, I felt they deserve gorgeous gowns for all the hassle that I'd be putting them through

After much research, I discovered the work of SARI LAZARO. I asked my friend Cesca and she had so many great things to say about Sari. That really gave me peace of mind.

I admire brides, who go to bridal fairs and choose designers on the spot base on whoever gives the best value.

I really didn't want to risk it. 

I wanted someone who is not only skilled but also has good reputation among my corporate friends. 

Sari was endorsed by 2 girls from work, 2 corporate girls who are equally as particular as me when it comes to timings.

Sari is a fashion model turned designer.  She studied fashion design in Europe. 

I was surprised to know despite her credentials and past works, her prices remain very reasonable!

Sari is known for her figure flattering drape style and so I asked her to make me her signature SARI LAZARO gowns. I had no pegs whatsover. 

You know what I loved about working with SARI?

1. She always gave timely responses. 

2. Her dresses  were never ever late for fitting.  
I'm sure you've heard about designers giving  lame excuses why the gowns are not yet done.
NOT with SARI. In fact the gowns were earlier than committed.

3. Beautiful, feminine and dainty gowns! I love the drapes. My bridesmaids all looked gorgeous! 

Since, they all took their "chores" seriously (career na kung career), it mattered to me that they like their gowns.


Merissa gave me a wonderful Hen's Night complete with penis straws from Australia.

Alvina took care of the Chinese elements of my wedding. She spent long hours in Chinatown to find my robes, slippers and other weird Chinese stuff that I couldn't find in Binondo.

Maribelle slaved many days and nights working on my DIYS. Her work deserves a separate post!

Josette was my prayer warrior. There was a super typhoon that week. The skies were clear during the morning of my wedding day but it rained again in the afternoon. Josette prayed and guess what, THE RAIN STOPPED! Medyo malakas si Josette kay Lord kasi. 

Sadly, I had to make a last minute change on my roster.  Carmela took my engagement photos. She is my brother's girlfriend. She filled in the role and the gown perfectly! 

I'm so happy that they all fit and loved their gowns! They just sent in their measurements since almost all live out of town. 

And because, they worked and partied like crazy with me, I gave them gifts too. Usually Chinese brides give red packets but I thought money seems so impersonal. I gave them bags by BUILT instead.

These bags are made of NEOPRENE, a wetsuit material. They are machine washable. So, they can just throw this in washing machine if they spill lotions or other liquid make up in it. This always happen to me!!!! Which is why I have a BUILT NY bag too. THINKERS ARE DOERS.

Merissa brings it with her when she goes to the beach. Maribel loves that she got a black bag that can resist all the grasa in 3B. And Alvee wants another one.

Carmela, I still have your bag because you were very busy with accounts payable that night. Hahaha. 

 Thank you ladies  for being with me on of my special day. Thank you for drinking with me as early as 8 am. Although, I'm sure you enjoyed that!

And for taking endless selfies....even if you know my stand against it. Hugs.


Seriously though, THANK YOU SO SO MUCH.

I hope I've made it all worthwhile.

Still on Pause,


You can reach SARI via email:
And you can find the BUILT Bags in Rustans, AVA (online store).
Bridesmaids' Makeup by: Abbie Ferraren

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