Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Lessons Learned From Our Matrimonial Bed


When I was preparing to do my Ke Tseng, I thought some of the items on my list would look really tacky in our bedroom. Our bedroom has a gray and white color scheme so I was dreading the red bed sheets and the gaudy prosperity lamps.

Tradition dictates that I could not enter the bedroom after the bed setting day. It was my in-laws and my friends who fixed the bed and arranged all the ke tseng stuff on top of it. 

Although, we were told that we should spend our first night as a married couple in our bed, we opted to stay in our hotel suite and attend to wasted bridesmaids. 

The following night, I finally set foot in our bedroom. And WOAH!  It was very RED and honestly, it looked KINKY!

Everything was red, from the elephant in the room, THE BED SHEETS, to the little details like the slippers.

Then the red lanterns surprisingly gave some sexy mood lighting. 

Our room looked like a prostitution den

The bed taught me that my elders knew a thing or two about STIMULATING DESIRE. Hehehe. I advice brides-to-be to get sex tips from their Lolas instead of their friends!


S and I could not agree on aircon temperature. I only like using the electric fan. This makes me very low maintenance but this also makes S very uncomfortable.

If we are to share a bed, we have to learn how to compromise. 

It's an easy fix for one of us to just sleep in the other room but we know we have to and we wanted to sleep beside each other.

As a compromise, we turn the aircon on for 2 hrs and then it automatically turns off and electric fan and the sheets prolong  the coolness. 

The bed taught me that in marriage, we are bound to disagree on many things but if we want to stay together, we will have to make compromises. 


We both agreed that we won't have TV in the room. However, 1 month into the marriage I realize that we should also ban internet surfing. 

I find S and myself tap-tap-tapping away on our gadgets. We don't talk as much as we should. 

The bed taught me that this is a bad habit that must stop now!


I know what you are thinking.  It goes without saying that you have to enjoy, indulge and linger in THAT too!

But, what I want to say is, just enjoy each other's company, indulge in good conversations and stay in bed as long as the luxury of time permits.

It is here where it is just the 2 of you (not unless you are into threesomes). The bed must be a place of comfort and relaxation.

If you have to go to the mall to relax or to entertain yourselves...jusko!

We spend approx 6-8 hours everyday sleeping. It's the same amount of time we spend at work! We spend a huge chunk of our lives in BED.

Because my bed is very dear to me,  I really make it a point to buy myself good quality sheets. 

When I was living in a studio, the place was so small that my bed took on a more important role because I didn't have much space to lounge around in.

I have lots of great sheets, many are by DWELLSTUDIO but this one is my favorite. The design is called, Peacock Citrine. This was featured in Town and Country a couple of years back.

I bought a set as a Christmas gift for myself but I never got to use it right away. I included this as part of my KE TSENG. Pamparami. Hehe.

Last week, the peacocks invaded our room and took the place of our red sheets.

These sheets have the right thread count for a tropical country. I love that the sheets absorb and keep the coolness from the aircon. Ofcourse, I adore the design! .

My bed taught me to love myself. It taught me to provide and prioritize my own space. Sheets are not like bags that you can show off. Only YOU can enjoy your sheets.

All these writing about our bed make me want to... Chorla? Afternoon Delight? 

NO!  To take a nap lang!

 The new sheets + the bed weather=perfect formula for a lazy afternoon.

Still on Pause,



  1. We are the same way! I don't like the cold that much and he pretty much wants it so cold that I have to wrap myself up in a blanket to keep warm. He wins all the time by the way, but I end up getting cuddled so win win! :D

    The peacock bedding is gorgeous!

    1. It FEELS even more gorgeous!