Friday, 1 August 2014

My Wedding Banquet by BIZU

 When I first went to Bordeaux, I started fantasizing about the possibility of a vineyard wedding. I really wanted my rites in a small chapel. I dreamt of having my photos taken amidst the vines and having an elegant reception in a chateau.

I told S that maybe we can just use our budget to pay for our immediate families' tickets and accommodation. I tried selling him the idea by describing intimate dinners on a long table just like a scene in Italian movies. 

But Alas! We are Chinese. 

A typical Chinese wedding can have 300-1000 guests. 300 is already small and intimate. 

It didn't help that S is the only son and the eldest at that.

There was no choice but to get married in the country and invite everyone.  We booked and paid for 400.

It's tradition.

So, for our Ting Hun, we had a very traditional menu, in a traditional location. It was as traditional and as Chinese as it could get.

For our wedding, I asked S if we can make it more "us". 

We love our traditions but we are very unconventional. For one thing, I don't speak Chinese.

And so I made a compromise, we will invite most of the people they (groom side)  know but the wedding will be very western in execution.

Since I love wine and fine dining, we decided to explore BIZU since I have always been intrigued with their catering studio near my flat. 

It was the best decision we made.

There was a small bump on the road when we started but the rest of the journey was smooth. 

The execution was seamless...faultless at best. I can not find anything bad to comment on, 

The service of Kaye from planning until the very end was more of a dedicated partnership rather than a mere food provider. When I couldn't print my remaining place cards because of the typhoon, she printed it for me.  

Kaye went over and beyond her scope of work. If you do decide to work with Bizu- please ask for Kaye. I bet she will hate me for this! Hahaha.

As you may recall, I had a 12 course Chinese Lauriat for my Ting Hun Banquet. For my wedding banquet, it was a 6 course fine dining menu complete with wine pairing. It even had wine pairing notes, which I wrote myself!

S was initially nervous with our western route. So, to put him at ease I invited his parents and his sister to attend the tasting.

Finally, now that the wedding is over let me share my Wedding Menu :)

The night started with Cocktails. 

There were Dalandan Juice and White Sangria to start the party vibe. As expected, the Chinese guests went non-alcoholic.

I had 3 types of pass around canapés: Truffle Porcini Duxelles in Vol-au-vent, Prosciutto, Shrimp and Melon Croute and Smoked Salmon with Caviar on Croute.

You know, I regret not mingling with the guests during cocktails. We were in the holding room practicing our dance and doing our tea ceremony. 

At around 8 pm, dinner started with a parade of waiters. This was a chichi request from S, which Audrey Tangco-Uy graciously agreed to. 

The parade of waiters of Bizu was classy. It had non of that cheesy dance routines we saw in YouTube! It was so impressive that my guests from abroad were totally floored. 

I digress! So many good things to say! 

FIRST COURSE: Amouse Bouche: Foie Gras Macaron de Paris with Black Cherry Jam, Gratinated Pacific Scallop with Gruyere and Smoked Bacon Kataifi, Mesculun with Light Citrus Vinaigarette and Candied Walnuts.

My suggested wine pairing was the VIURA.

Second Course: Tomato Pistou Soup

Third Course:  Seared Halibut with Dill Beurre Blanc Emulsion on Haricots Verts with Orange Rind and Roasted Hazelnuts.

My Suggested Pairing was a CHARDONNAY from Chile.

The guests loved the fish course and the pairing. A number had seconds. I received many SMS commending me for this pairing.

Fourth Course: A Palate Cleanser. We opted for Passion Fruit with Mango

Fifth Course: Prime U.S. Beef ala Bourguignon in Red Wine Au Jus with Vegetable Ribbons, Potato Purée and whole Roasted Garlic.

My suggested pairing was a SHIRAZ from Australia. My Aussie guests loved this pairing. Lawrie said, when he took a sip, it reminded him of home.

Grand Finale: A dessert created by my brother and perfected by the pastry chefs of Bizu. For me this was the pièce de résistance, the encore of the night. 

The wait staff was simply impeccable. Johnny, our "butler" for the night, was my very own LINUS (in reference to HIMYM). My glass was never empty.

The waitstaff was so awesome I actually remembered their names! High 5 to Aldrin and Eric! I don't even recall the names of some of the guests, but I remember the team of Bizu!

It was such a great night! Audrey was due to give birth in 3 wks but she was there. I felt so special.

Some people asked S' mom why we chose to have it in a tent and not in a hotel. 

Allow me to answer this.

1. I have lots of wines. My corkage alone will be a party in itself

2. Hotels have so many plus plus plus plus plus. Every request has a corresponding plus

3. Hotels have so many restrictions and limitations when it comes to set up. Whereas a tent is a blank canvas.

4. Bizu is less bureaucratic. Decisions are made faster.

5. Lastly, I have a vision. I don't want to get a generic package.

I believe we made the right decision (if not the best) to work with Bizu.

Still on Pause,



*photos by Louie and Audrey 


  1. The food was excellent! I want to throw a party catered by Bizu!

    1. I look forward to your wedding. I know it'll be epic! Find a husband na!

  2. I think this is one of fairytale weddings where everything looks so perfect. My cousin is right now busy exploring her options for Banquet Halls but I am stressing that choice of vendors is equally important too to make it an overall success.