Thursday, 14 August 2014

Yoga, Juicing and Salads

Doing yoga at 9 am while everyone is at work has always been one of my fantasy.  It is a sign of FREEDOM and of luxury of time.

I really didn't have any weight loss goals in mind when I started going to TANTRA YOGA. I just wanted to convince myself that this time out is such an amazing thing.

So, it came as a pleasant surprise that, despite all the  food I have been eating ever since I got married,  my weight remains lower compared to when I was running.

Yoga is a wonder drug!

Inspired, I have decided to go back to my juicing routine. Technically it's BLENDING but if it's a liquid fruity drink, it is a juice to me regardless of consistency.

I'm going to bring my blender to my new home. I was told not to bring any old appliance into S' flat. In Chinese tradition, the  bride can not bring her old things into her husband's home for atleast a week after the wedding. Everything needs to be new, even my panty. ESPECIALLY MY PANTY!

To up the ante, I will be eating a salad atleast once a day. 

Since, my Chinese MIL really wants me to eat lunch, I guess I'll just replace my usually cake and  coffee merienda with a bowl of salad.

I saw this really cute salad baonan by BUILT NY. 

The baonan comes with container and it has a NEOPRENE cover, a wet suit material. 

I needed to get this because recently the weather is so hot that by the time I get to BINONDO (from makati), my gulay are all laylay na. Yeecchh Wilted Veggies!

The NEOPRENE COVER has insultating functions so it can keep my salad cool for 4 hours or so. I really like my greens crispy para kunwari chips lang.

You can get these cute baonan in RUSTANS AND HOWARDS.

 I want to prove my 2012 boss wrong. He once told me to eat and get fat before my wedding and start dieting after. He said people usually look great in their wedding photos and it goes downhill from there.

Well, I was fit during my wedding and I will be fitter after.

In my letter to S, I never said, "I look forward to getting fat with you".  I remember saying,  "I look forward to running and living healthy with you."

S still refuses to run but I'm sure he'll agree to a smoothie and a salad.

Still on Pause,


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  1. Natawa ako dun sa panty! Hahaha. On the other hand, yay to Yoga!

    I can't always make Druce eat leafy greens, the only times he does is if I say that I'll reward him with a kiss.