Tuesday, 12 August 2014

My Tea Set Collection

Do you know that AFTERNOON TEA and HIGH TEA are not technically the same eating occasion?

Afternoon Tea is usually served mid noon and is usually very classy, dainty and posh.

High Tea, on the other hand, started out as the merienda time of the working class and hence should served between 5-7 pm. 

So if you are having SIOPAO and C2 ICE TEA sa 7/11 after work, di ba you can safely say that you are enjoying HIGH TEA na?  Naks teh! Sosyah! 

My love for AFTERNOON TEA (or low tea because it is usually served on low tables) started when my late boss, Tony decided to bribe the concierge in Mount Nelson, said to be Capetown's most iconic spot for afternoon tea, to get us a table.

The concierge didn't budge and we didn't get to have canap├ęs and scones in this beautiful hall...

But that started my love for Afternoon Tea and everything that has to do with it.  

A few months after we got back from Capetown, Tony got me my first ever tea set...a WEDGWOOD.

And he would come over my house (I lived on the 12th floor and him on the 37th) and indulge me on my delusions.

I kept all my tea pots and tea cups in the warehouse when I got back from Singapore because there was no suitable space for my display shelf. They were packed properly naman but I couldn't help but worry.

So when S said I can now bring them to the new flat, I immediately pulled them out.

FINALLY, my babies are home! 

One the perks of marrying S is having a tea party playmate.

First out of the box... My WEDGWOOD 


My SAKURA tea cups

My Royal Albert from S

A gift from Hedda and Nev- a Christopher Vine creation

Turkish Tea Cups from Istanbul. Very generic.

Tea set decor from Pakistan. Thanks Mico

A vintage Noritake from my dad

Segue, a new addition to my collection:  An Hermes-looking set.

I actually have some more from my brother but I'm currently using them. 

I look forward growing my collection. Hopefully, this is a ritual I will get to enjoy my future kids. Assuming that they will enjoy it. 

Otherwise High Tea nalang sila sa 7/11! In fair, masarap ang Spicy Asado dun.

And I leave you with a picture of my afternoon tea at the Peninsula Hong Kong taken last year. I'll dream of this and perhaps, of Tony, tonight.

Still on Pause,



  1. I wanna invite you for afternoon tea but bka you'll be busy and we end up doing high tea- sa 7/11