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Shoes, believe it or not, are included in the KE TSENG. 

The family of a Chinese bride needs to give her atleast 2 pairs of shoes. Dapat even pairs except 4 because 4 sounds like death.

To be honest, I love shoes so I was very happy to know that I would have them as part of my dowry.

 I agree with nastygal's sentiments..

I used to go binge shoe shopping in Charles and Keith when I was still living in Singapore.  


I got the shoes in the photo below in one shopping trip but in my defense, they were on sale and I was making sg dollars then.


Because, I won't be going back to work after the wedding, I opted to get some functional footwear more befitting for my new role- A HOUSEWIFE.

So, I got tsinelas which I would need when I go to the wet market, sandals for the trips to the grocery store and flats when I go to the mall. 

The picture is not very clear but I got 4 pairs from Charles and Keith and 3 from SM.

Notice that there are only 7 pairs of footwear. When I took the picture I still needed to get 1 more pair.

I wanted to buy trainers but I never found one in time for sang ke tseng.

Since I really couldn't find the right kind of stability shoes, S included one of his wedding gifts in my  KE TSENG so that I could have a total of 8 pairs.

He put it inside one of the plastic containers. 

I just noticed now! Yay!

When we were in Paris, I was drooling over these pumps. He took a mental note of it!

It's a pair of OH REALLYs by Louis Vuitton and I REALLY love it!

Now I need a party to wear these beauties to.

Still on Pause,


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