Tuesday, 19 August 2014

My CECILIO ABAD Wedding Gown

Growing up, I never had any wedding fantasies. So when it came to my wedding gown, I didn't really have anything specific style in mind.

But I did want a couple of things.

1. I wanted to  walk down the aisle wearing LOUBOUTINS.

2. I wanted to have a CECILIO ABAD Gown.

I've heard horror stories from brides that their gowns were delayed. Some hated their gowns to the point that they actually scrapped it and had new ones made.

These horror stories are the very reason why I chose to work with Cecil. Everyone has talent but not only a few have that high level of professionalism and a team of skilled staff.

Cecilio belongs to that select few. I'm glad Chef Joanne recommended him to me. 

The service from the time my measurements and all through the fittings was very efficient, friendly and smooth. I will miss seeing Cathy, his assistant, and all the lovely people in his studio.

I believe that the brides need to feel fabulous.  And feeling fabulous doesn't just mean that the style is gorgeous, THE FIT MUST BE PERFECT.

I love my dress! I love the style. I love the fit! and most importantly,  Cecil's Team (IKYAT and ANNE) treated me like a princess.

Cecil designs gowns in such a way that the bride's best asset is highlighted. Bwahahaha!

He also provided the viel, cord, bible, unity candles. EVERYTHING was delivered to my room. May style pa ang pag arrange ni Marcy, a member of Cecilio's team.  Bongga!

It was worth every penny spent.

I love my wedding dress.

My only wish is that 10 years from now, I can still fit in it.

Still On a Pause,



  1. The gown was just perfect on you. The beadwork is crazy beautiful!

    1. Oi nakita mo na to habang WIP di ba :) I found a way to marry the 2 designs I showed you.

  2. You gorgeous, gorgeous bride! :-) *knock on wood*
    - Rohina

    1. Why thank you nerdy Devi! I'm just glad I didn't have to wear one of those RTW gowns like those in the reality shows.

  3. Would you still have rhe contact number of Cecilio Abad?