Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Day 171: Sawsawan ng Bayan

So my mother-in-law asked me if I am okay with how my new sisters are addressing me. 

You see, there is a specific title or name for sister in law married to eldest brother vs SIL  married to second, third, fourth brother.

Chinese people put a great deal of importance to family relationships. I guess this is why, wedding banquets are usually huge. Apart from the ballooning guest list, this importance to filial relations also results to a very confusing family tree.

There are different names for aunts and uncles depending on which side and their rank within their families. Hindi lang Tito,Tita or Aunty, Uncle.

My MIL is concerned because both FOOKIEN and Mandarin names for the eldest brother's wife sound a bit funny if not entirely derogatory.

Fookien: 阿嫂 or A-SO.
Mandarin: 嫂嫂 or SAO- SAO.

Medyo pareho kasing pangit to the ears di ba!

I mean, imagine if they want to catch my attention in a very public space and they start calling out loud... " ASO ASOOOOOO!!!!!"

Parang di nice.

I'm a bitch but not that kind of bitch. I'm just mataray,

SAO SAO sounds bad too, no? Tara na sawsaw na tayo Kay L? AYYYYYY

I'm glad my MIL asked. Atleast, I don't have to say it myself. 

I said,   "L is fine. No respectful titles needed."

Still on Pause,


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