Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Day 178: Adversity Brings People Together

Dressed to the nines, I arrived a bit late to the launch that we were invited to.

S arrived 2 hours earlier to talk to the managers and the buyers.  By the time I got there, he was already tired and hungry. He told me that the  event was about to end and that he wanted to go somewhere fancy to eat.

I felt bad because I wanted to drink wine, eat canap├ęs and look around. I stayed for around 45 minutes then we left for dinner. 

When he finally got to eat his favorite pasta at ONE WAY STREET,  he held my hands in an attempt to reconcile.  After dinner, he asked me if I wanted to have drinks in Mandarin Oriental.

By this time, I was already cranky.

This made S upset because he felt he was trying to save the night and I was being difficult. For me, the night has been ruined so why bother at all.

Then I started making snarky remarks and he retaliated.  Uh-oh...

The moment the car reached the parking lot, I stormed out and hurried to the flat. When I stepped into our dark living room, I felt I stepped into a small puddle of water. 

I turned on the lights and realized it came from the faucet in the storage room. The room was literally flooding.

I called S and when he got in, he immediately took over. He asked me to call the admin and he started to scoop out the water using a  dustpan.

I told him it was probably my fault. Maybe my vacuum hit the knob of the faucet. He said, "Now is not the right time to blame and it doesn't really matter whose fault it is.

You know, if we came home to a perfect setting, we would have resumed our bickering til god knows when. It was a blessing that we came home to a flooded flat because we had no choice but to help each other.

Amazing how adversity can bring people together.

S and I have had our share our fights. I actually love that S has strong opinions and an ego. I don't like weak guys who just say, yes. Even at work, I admire and encourage people to have a strong POV and to fight for it.

There are couples who never ever fight. We are not one of those. Thank God! 

It is when we fight that we have our most sincere and raw discussions. It is when we fight that learn to adjust. Tonight, we learned to set our emotions aside so that we can work together and deal with the issue at hand: THE DELUGE.

When our impromptu spring cleaning was done, I said.. "If this is how you act towards adversity, I am confident that we can weather more difficult challenges in life."


Still on Pause,



  1. Oh, so this is what happened. I agree about what you said about what comes out of a fight. It is an integral part of a relationship. It deepens the bond and gives you a better understanding of your partner and of yourself. A relationship that comes out stronger after a fight is one that can weather the roughest patches.

    1. I think fights are like salts. You need a certain amount to bring flavor. Too much can ruin the dish as well.