Saturday, 1 August 2015

Professional Housewife

A lot of people tell me that I am so lucky that I have a very generous husband. But I hope they realize that the reason why my husband gives me allowance is because I actually have chores too.

We don't have a maid. I clean the house and I cook.

If you get the chance to visit our small home, you can see that I really do work hard to maintain it. I even go down on all fours to clean our bathroom ha!

And cooking...well, I even go as far as plating the food. 

Example ha! 

This is our breakfast today.

This was our dinner last night...

I believe that when you have the right work ethics, it really doesn't matter if you are working in the office or at home. 

I really take pride in my role as a housewife. It's the same thing when I worked in Unilever. #BRANDLOVE #PASSION! 

When I see that our house is clean and I taste the food I cooked, I feel happy talaga that I am very productive. On top of this, I actually still help out in my husband's business. 

You know what, I feel he is saving a lot of money noh? 

I have only been married for 1 year but I have been running my own household since I was 20 years old. So considering the work and experience I have, I think I deserve my allowance (and a raise!).  


Diva Housewife,



  1. Being a full time housewife is no joke.

    I did it a for 1+ year when I gave birth and we decided that I'd stay home for a while to take care of our son (walang yaya sa US!) and my old job required a lot of travelling. Taking care of our home and our son was the hardest thing I've ever had to do and I didn't even do it well, I just coped.

    After that stint, I developed a very high regard and admiration for housewives and yayas. Super na appreciate ko what they go through day to day. I swear, if I heard a guy comment "don't know what my wife does the whole day, nasa bahay lang sya!" at that time ? I'd march up to him and slap him silly.

    When I finally went back to work, feeling ko bakasyon!

    1. You're based in the US pala!!! Naks Natuwa naman ako somebody from a faraway land reads my rubbish. I think next level pa to have a baby on top of household chores. As in award winning ka na nun! My husband appreciates me that's why I get allowance and credit card provisions on top of that. However,, may Ibang Tao that feels perhaps..I need to do more. There's a part of me that feels...if I want to do more...I will go back to corporate! And well, no more nice home. Pili kayo. Bilib ako sa working moms! I don't think I can do that, when I work, I give 101%. There is no room for anyone or anything but work na.

  2. Came across your blog entry on Fil-Chi relationships (thanks to a GirlTalker who shared the link) and now I'm hooked!!! Backreading your posts at natatawa ako mag-isa dito sa office :) Keep on writing! I'm sure your husband is very happy to have such a talented wife. Praying for a little one to come soon! :) -jackie uy