Monday, 17 August 2015

Birthday Cake From Happy Kitchen Iloilo

Knowing how much I enjoy baking, friends and family have been extending their well wishes through cakes. 

I got a cake when I ate at Chef Jesse's Restaurant at the Rockwell Club. I got a cake when I checked in at Richmonde Hotel Iloilo and another cake when I celebrated my birthday at their new Granary Restaurant. 

The best cake I got however was from a quaint and charming restaurant in Iloilo. 

Meet the Happy Kitchen Coffee Cake.

A coffee cake is not a coffee flavored cake. It is technically a butter cake but with less sugar, making it perfect companion to coffee or tea!

OMG! The Happy Kitchen Coffee Cake is amazing. And I'm not exaggerating ha! I'm just extra perky because I had 3 cups of coffee today.

It melts in your mouth. It is very moist. Geez! I'm salivating as I write about it.

The texture of their version is very interesting!!! It reminds me of a grainy Pinoy-Macaroon but very smooth and soft! I've never had anything like it before!

The meringue icing is light and fluffy and I love the crunch from the almonds and the tartness from the raisins.

The flavor, as expected, is balanced. It doesn't have the sharp sweetness from your typical vanilla cakes. 

Since I bake coffee cakes, this cake is perfect for me!  

If you want to try the Happy Kitchen Coffee Cake...visit them in Iloilo! They are located inside the Amigo Mall along Delgado!



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