Saturday, 22 October 2016

Cheapangga Halloween Loot Bag

My husband asked me to buy the treats that they would be giving away in Kindermusik. He told me to prepare 15-20 bags.

 Before I left, he said, "Wag masyadong mura ha."

Pero naisip ko, babies don't eat candies naman. 

Baka it would just be their siblings or their yayas who would eat the sweets. My nanny also told me that dati her amo would just buy cheap candies lang.

And so I went to Rustans with a mission to spend only 500 pesos for 15-20 small loot bags. 

Para naman hindi masyado get cheap, I bought 3 bags of Kit Kat. Tapos, I got Jelly Ace, Marshmallow and Nips. NIPS! 

Ay jusko, when they got there andun pala si Marian Rivera at si Baby Zia.

And Ang sosyal ng mga giveaway ng Ibang mommies.

Look! One mommy gave a book. One gave a toy.  Quite a few gave organic stuff. Several gave expensive candies. Then there's me...I gave away Nips and Jellyace. And dahil may sobrang XO candies sa bahay, dinagdag ko pa un.

Di pa ako na contento. I put a sticker pa.. "Love Baby G".  

For sure hindi talaga nila makakalimutan cheap si Baby G. 

Bwahaha. Afterall, you will only remember the best and the worst in anything and everything.

I think the other mommies spend 150-200php per bag. 

Jusko! 187php ang isang kilo ng manok noh! 

Our nanny told me medyo nahiya raw asawa ko to give the loot bags I prepared. Hehehe.

Ay keber! I'm sure masaya ang mga yaya kasi sa kanila mapupunta yun!

Since Wednesday is my day off and the baby's time with my in-laws, I wasn't there to experience their humiliation. Pero pag-uwi nila and nilatag nila lahat ng goodies na nakuha from other mommies, ay sus na guilty ako sa ka-cheapan ko.

Bawi ako next time. Mamimigay ako ng isang kilong manok!



  1. Sa case namin, I also worry every year that our loot bags may look cheap but then I realized that while some kids give expensive trinkets, some give reasonably priced ones and some do not give out loot bags at all.

    And sa totoo lang, when the kids play with it,pare pareho lang. They don't care if it's cheap or expensive (my kid is almost 7).

    This year, our lootbags will have glowsticks, tattoos, mini stampers, small tubs of play doh, and mini bubble bottles. Siguro each one will cost mga $2-$3.

    Dito, maraming dollar store finds - those baby books are available for $1 kaya malay mo, kung ma tiyaga ang mommy maghanap, baka naka kita ang mommy ng good deal :)

    1. Oh well...napamigay ko na ang mga cheapanga loot bags ko. Hehehe. Ung nips daw sabi ng friend ko pang caroling levelz. Haha. And to think nakaganggap pa nun si Marian Rivera.

      Ang mahal Talaga ng chocolates Sa pinas. Imported kasi e.

      Ung Sa Inyo ba like the kids will go to your house? Bakit indi nalang 1 item ung lagay mo Sa basket Nila?

      Sa Amin nag exchange e.

    2. The loot bags are for his classmates sa school and sa after-school care. I wouldn't call it an "exchange" per se kasi wala namang usapan every year. Most moms do give a little something. Some just give store bought stuff (candies, favors) and some give home made treats (i.e. a small bag with crackers, marshmallows and a chocolate bar with a tag saying "here s'more treats for you!". Some give home made cookies. Honestly, pag hindi commercially packaged, tinatapon ko kasi hindi ko naman sila kilala.

      Yung mga trick-or-treaters na nag kn knock sa door sa bahay, you can either give them an item or let them grab a few from your container/basket. We live in a cul-de-sac with few kids, so konti lang trick or treaters sa amin so when they do come, ako pa yung masaya and I just let them have their pick. The first year we were in the house, walang nag trick or treat. We were so sad but also glad that we bought chocolates that we liked. The following year, nagulat kami when merong nag doorbell. This year, our 3rd year in this house, I won't even buy candies anymore, I'll just use the leftover favors from my son's loot bags - we're participating in the teal pumpkin project, it's an allergy awareness project where if you display a teal pumpkin it means that you also have non-food treats available. It allows kids with food allergies to participate in halloween and enjoy their treats.

      Sana lang, mas maraming kumatok sa bahay.... sana more than the 2 families we got last year. (haha, kawawa!)

    3. In my province, wala dati nito. We go to people's houses and they gave us suman. Haha. Now, kahit Sa probinsya may Halloween na! Do you decorate your house?

    4. Wala ring trick or treating sa Manila when I was growing up. Ngayon na lang yan. My friend told me that when they were young, nag-katuwaan silang mag pipinsan and went around Valle Verde one halloween day. This would probably be late 1980s. They'd ring the bell and shout "trick or treat" at whoever opened the door. Usually maid yun who would ask "ano raw ?" and papasok to ask the amo. When they come back, may dala raw na coke, paper clips, stationery, biscuits, ballpen and a stapler - siguro whatever happened to be lying around the house.

      Oh, my niece goes to kindermusik too, don't know if they're in the same class as your baby G, but if they are, I know my brother will appreciate the NIPS. It will bring back nice childhood memories.

      Minimal decoration lang kami, just the pumpkins which come free with the hayride which we do every year. We're so lazy that we don't even carve the pumpkins, stickers lang (send kita ng picture) and I put the stickered pumpkins by our front door. I have no objection to getting more decorations, unti unti lang kasi magastos rin. I know that the last time my husband was at home depot, he was eyeing these light-ghost projectors. You put them out on your front lawn, facing your house, and they will project ghosts flying. Pag tapos na ang halloween I'll try to drop by the stores to see if there are any leftover decorations we can keep for next year, sale na sigurado yan.

    5. Naalala daw to ng asawa ko. They'd go to greenhills west and they'd get pencils erasers hehe