Saturday, 6 December 2014

CROQUE: French Cafe and Bakery in Makati

If you love food and wine as much as I do, France is one of your heavens on earth. French cooking has simple ingredients but has very high technique. I love France so much that I actually had my pre-wedding photos with S in Paris.

When we do get the chance to go to Paris, we go to our  "regular" restaurants and caf├ęs and we eat our  comfort food. Among our comfort food is CROQUE MONSIEUR. To me, this is the French version of a toast but it's smothered with  cheeses and meats. 

The first time we went to Paris together, S wanted to eat Croque Monsieur. He loudly ordered CRO-KEE  MON- SURE.  It sounded like he wanted COOKIE MONSTER.

A few months ago, S told me that a new Cafe opened a few blocks from where I used to live. He said "There's a nice cafe called CROQUE". This time he pronounced it correctly.

After a few months of putting off my visit, I finally went. And oh it was was a trip that was indeed overdue.

I'll attempt to evaluate it, Marketing Manager Style.

The vibe is more of a quaint French country restaurant. It's very homey and relaxed. The lay-out of the tables tell me that it's not a pretentious place.  So don't come here with your Mahalia Fuentes outfit. May mga expats in their usual brunch attire: Tshirts and shorts.

It is affordable by our standards. This is by food service segmentation,  a mass-premium resto which means you get to visit atleast 1x a week if you make atleast 25k/month.

One of the things I always look at is the price of coffee.  A big mug of Americano is only 85php.

The food is very good. The Croque Madame (270 php) that I ordered tasted great. It is topped with bechamel, gruyere, ham and egg. It's very creamy and very sinful considering that I skipped yoga this morning.

The Cream Bun (30 php) is so buttery and fluffy. It is a steal at 30php, I tell you.

A nice brunch place with comfort french food! Oh they have pinoy food and bread too. While, this weakens their proposition, it only means that they love their Pinoy patrons. 

This is located along Pasay road. It's very accessible if your are commuting but if you have a car, parking can be a bitch. You have to go to Benavidez to get free parking but it's limited.  The best way is to park in Greenbelt.

The only thing in promotion is the steak with free 2 glasses of wine. MY KIND OF PROMOTION!!!

I think CROQUE now goes into my list of comfort brunch places in Makati. Brunch really makes me oh so very happy. 

Hugs and Happy Saturday,


CROQUE: Ground Floor, Dominion Building, Pasay Road, San Lorenzo, Makati City

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  1. great find =) but the location is a bit unencounterable for me hehe