Tuesday, 9 December 2014


The true test of friendship is called a PAPSMEAR TEST.

My best friend Dr. Estherwell Portigo-Uy, one of the youngest and finest Obgyne-Obstetrician in Iloilo City conducted my papsmear test this afternoon. 

Initially I was really apprehensive to show my privates to my bestfriend. I mean, she knows everything about me but I don't think she should know EVERYTHING.

However my other friends, Irene, Em-Em and Lessu convinced me that it's really normal and I'm being a prude.

Eventually, I did end up in her clinic in QUALIMED, where I reluctantly spread my legs so that she could take "swabs".

After the procedure I felt that Estherwell or Dr. Portigo-Uy and I have taken our friendship to the next level.

For Real?! 

How many of you here can say that your bestfriend has seen you naked?

How many can say that your bestfriend has seen your privates? 

Well, wala kayo sa akin. My bestfriend has not only seen my vajayjay, she has seen my CERVIX too.



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