Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Traditional Filipino Media Noche Menu

I haven't even digested my Noche Buena (I had 3 Christmas Dinners!) and here I am preparing for Media Noche!

This is my first New Year's Celebration away from Iloilo.  I have decided not to be ambitious. I will not attempt to match mama's menu. My mom throws the most epic Media Noche (and Noche Buena!)
FYI: Traditionally Noche Buena is enjoyed on the 24th of December and Media Noche is the feast enjoyed on the 31st.

The picture below showcases her spread last year. Bonggangbels di ba!

Okay, wag ma windang! 

For those who are not as skilled as my mom you may copy my Basic Media Noche Menu.

1. Twelve (12) Round Fruits - For luck

2. One (1) Pineapple-  Also for Luck!  Pineapple in Hokkien is called Ong Lai which sounds like "Luck Come"

3. Spaghetti or Pancit- For long life. Another Chinese Tradition.

4. Lechon- Isn't ironic that we will serve noodles for long life and yet lechon will actually shorten it?

5. Biku, Sapin Sapin or Any Form of Sticky Rice- for Family Togetherness. Yet another Chinese Tradition. Looks like Pinoy Tikoy noh? 

6. Whole Fish Preferably Lapu-Lapu con Mayonesa!- Fish is for abundance. Still a Chinese Tradition!

Most of the items are pretty easy to do (or buy) except for the Mayonesa. I really want to make one but it looks so difficult!

Good Luck with your Media Noche Preparations!

Domestic Goddess,


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