Monday, 17 November 2014

Paano Magmukhang Mayaman

Yesterday, I attended a LUNCH-TIME party at the Manila Polo Club.  The only time I managed to set foot on this exclusive club was when I went there for a sales call.  So, I was quite happy to be a guest this time around.

While S was mingling, I started observing people. I was on a very unfamiliar and potentially threatening territory.

A 20-something girl approached and made chikka with the host. She has a light brown hair with soft curls. It goes without saying that her hair is a product of expensive salon treatments. She was wearing a knee length lemon colored dress and stilettos. She had a Mahalia Fuentes bag,  a beige quilted leather Chanel. The girl is pretty ha! But her aura was screaming "Trying Hard".

Then, I noticed another girl.  This particular girl got me very curious. Based on her features, she is not pretty at all. She was not wearing anything flashy. She had no make up on. She only had one accessory, a long necklace with one pendant. And yet, she looked very rich, refined and dainty. 

Have you ever noticed that there are some girls who are really fair and pretty and yet they don't have class or they don't have that "high-society" aura?  Or have you ever seen ladies who carry branded bags and yet the bags look fake on them?

I couldn't really understand the appeal of this girl. Since S was nowhere to be found,  I took my  question to Facebook...

"How to look and act mayaman?" (also sossy, high societ, alta)

I'm going to share with you the answers of my friends.  Compilation lang. Tamad e.


"Maayos ang fez. Maayos ang kilay, konting blush, light lipstick. Natural lang"
"May air of confidence"
"Tapos, ang ayos ng hair...naka blow dry"
"Naka White Polo and jeans lang"

Chef Janice:
"White shirt lng dapat at lipstick and kilay lng ang ganap"
"Natural glow, no makeup makeup look"
"Simple lng din ung hair, either nakaponytail lang or bagsak lng... sosyal pag may natural curls... basta hindi dry ang hair and walang split ends..."
"Ang r dapat pag binigkas, nakaroll ang tongue"

"Naka Perlas"

"Agree ako sa white shirt, pero stand out ang jewelries at bagelya! pagpasok ang bag ang nauuna at nakataas"
"Ang s kasunod lagi ang h. general rule like masarap to masharep, or masakit to mashekit"
"Dapat wag lang maitim ang siko at tuhod"

Chris Ever:

"Sideways umupo"
"Pag nag blink, dapat twice"

From my former boss:
Explosive ang pag pronounce ng letter T if the word starts with it.

Cris Canaria
"It all boils down to attitude. What you think, you become. So think ALTA thoughts. #napakainnabamgakabayo"

Pat Mallari
Simpleng sagot: etiquette, poise.

Putting all their visual descriptions into one board,  this  (apparently) is the Mayaman Look... (Click link)

Masmahirap i-describe ang attitude.  So just try not to move or talk. Just look the part. :)

Clearly, hindi po kami sosyal or alta. Kaya nga ako nag tanong. At clearly, joke po ang iba dyan. 

Joke joke joke,



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