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DWELLSTUDIO is a New York based brand founded by Christiane Lemieux, a veteran in the world of fashion and home retail. 

Christiane studied art history and fashion design before setting her company.  She is a style icon in her native New York.

Judging from her IG, she seems to juggle work and motherhood quite well. Christiane claims that travel and family have become her main sources of inspiration.


The brand has a signature style. It is marked by it's distinct use of color incorporated into innovative and adventurous designs and it's commitment in ensuring the highest quality of construction and materials. The brand has a devoted following in the US and their mecca is the brand's flagship store in SOHO.

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I got to visit the store a couple times and I fall inlove with the brand with each visit. The photo below was from my last trip to NYC.

Sorry, no cheapanga bedsheets in the store! The bedsheets are made from the finest mills of Portugal, Peru and India. Super Soft and Smooth. Kaloka! It's so hard to get out of bed!

The brand is available here in the Philippines, where is also has notable patrons.  In fact, it has  been featured in several of the country's top publications. 

If you want to spend more time cuddling with your husband, be cunning and get yourselves a DwellStudio Duvet Set. The sheets will pull him back to bed and stay with you. Hahaha.

I have one in red. (The painting is the work of my friend, Claribelle Floro)

My brother's girlfriend has a Tangerine Border sheets. Poor girl. She is starting to wake up really late daw.

DwellStudio also has a very distinct design for it's baby items. It's dainty and classy. It's not the typical cutesy patoosy style that is very usual with baby stuff.

The latest design is the "SAFARI". It's so fierce! Rawr!

(Photo from

I also love the designs they have for baby girls, like this TREETOPS. The combination of Lime and Pink is just gorgeous.

And of course, I think it's not a secret that I love coral/peach.  This bamboo cotton blanket is really soft and light and yet it keeps babies warm.


I super love that when you see a DwellStudio item, the brand thumbprint is just so distinct. It's colorful yet not loud. It just looks very dainty, sweet and yet sophisticated. 

The brand is not cheapanga ha so don't be shocked when you see the price. Hahaha. Just give it to people you love. 

Next post will be about bags! I'm quite excited to put together a list of bags for my Christmas Gifts Series.

Ready for the Holidays,


Dwellstudio is available in Rustans, Mav Furrniture, Baby and Beyond, Babyland, Nurture Nook Cudlsy and for Cebuanos, check out Baobao Babies.

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