Saturday, 8 November 2014

The Games We Used to Play: DISCOVERY DEPOT

Do you remember the games and the toys you used to play with as a child?

I loved playing INs or "patintero" in tagalog.

I also remember that I loved playing "balay-balay" with my 2 playmates, Cookie and Jammie.

For some weird reason, part of this make-believe play was speaking in Tagalog and calling myself, "Sunshine."   I'm Ilongga. My  real name starts with the letter, L. And, I don't have a sunny personality.

We used bedsheets as the roof our make-shift house. We had real clay pots where we cooked our "laswa". I  had a wooden ironing board and a small plastic basin where we washed handkerchiefs.  I even had a "humba-humba" or rocking chair for Cookie, who always played the "Lola".

Because I loved playing "balay-balay" or house, I  grew up very domesticated. I can cook, wash and iron clothes, sweep and mop the floor. YOU NAME IT!

Could this be the effect of playing house ?

Nowadays toddlers (even those as young as 1 year old)  have access to Ipads.  When they cry, the easiest way to shut them up is to let them watch Peppa Pig.  I'm curious to find out the effect of this.

Admittedly, I am also starting to get addicted to my Ipad. I've only had it for 3 years!

S took me to Mommy Mundo this afternoon. I saw the booth of Wonder Depot and this toy caught my attention.

This is a real tool. Kids can actually use this to build something! This toy encourages dads to spend time with their sons while learning a new skill.

I know I seem to fuel gender stereotypes but truth be told, I love a guy who can do some carpentry or who can do electrical stuff. POGI POINTS talaga!!! Alam mo, when S fixes the electric fan ay sus kilig na kilig ako. Charot.

The booth is small so I quickly noticed the kitchen set and other kitchen stuff from Wonder World.

LOVEEEE!!!! I wish I had this when I was young.

Hay, maybe I'm old fashioned lang but I really believe these are the toys that kids should play with.  They shouldn't be spending their time with Ipads and TVs.

And you know what, if you can teach them to enjoy chores...ay pwede ng walang maid. Di ba! Heheheh. Swerte ni S, nag "balay-balay" ako, so wala kaming yayabelles sa house. 

If you happen to find yourself in Makati tomorrow, swing by the MOMMYMUNDO BAZAAR and look for the DISCOVERY DEPOT booth. They're on sale.




  1. L! This post is too funny! I like the part when you said "kilig na kilig" ka with S' electrician skills. Hahaha. Jackstone lang nilalaro ko nung bata ako e, tsaka chinese garter. :P

    1. I really sucked at Chinese garter. I played jackstones, tumbang preso, you name it.