Friday, 21 November 2014

How to Stop A Fight Before it Starts

When we got inside the house, I couldn't find my keys. I thought I must have left them in Binondo.

My husband told me to check all my bags. Wala Talaga! Hay bakit ba ang burara ko.

Even if it got me worried, I told S to just get it the next day. But very typical of S, he wanted to fix the problem right away. 

Grumpily, he drove back to Binondo (from Makati).

When he got to Binondo, he checked the car, the office, the room...nothing. 

This time I looked for the keys in the living room (Makati) and found them tucked inside one of my vases. Ooopps. So he drove all the way there only to find out that the keys were just here the whole time. 

I knew that  he would be sighing a lot when he comes back. Experience taught me that he would launch into another series of sermons. 

I stopped talking to Ria and Maribel. I called Mcdo and placed an order. I got his favorites: CHEESEBURGER, TWISTER FRIES, SPAGHETTI AND SPRITE.

When he got home, the delivery arrived just in time. He wasn't ecstatic but seeing the MCDO paper bag certaintly pacified him. 

By time he was done eating his cheese burger and twister fries, he was smiling again.

Wives, if you eff MCDO.

Hotline Number 8-6236




  1. I swear this is a brilliant idea!!! S sounds so much like my Paul :) Next time I'll call McDo too kaso ang bagal ng delivery here in Singapore baka lalong magalit sa tagal haha

    1. Hmm...just walk to the nearest food court and get hookien prawn mee + coke. Hahaha. Oo nga no, parang I never ordered delivery in sg. I live in rivervalley though and across the street is boon tong kee and next block great work na. So bilis lakarin

    2. Now I want hookien prawn mee

    3. oh hey!! i know that area :) I used to hear mass in St Bernadette so every Sunday we're at Great World. I love River Valley!

    4. Frannywanny I really miss sg. I wanna go home!!!! Not visit! I wanna go back!!! Huwaaahhh

  2. Panalo naman yan! Enjoy it...before he starts craving for something more expensive. Sa akin, baka charlie's grind and grill ang mas panalo! LOL!

    1. This is what you call BUYING FORGIVENESS