Friday, 28 November 2014


It's almost 2 am and I still have a residual high from my first ever THANKSGIVING DINNER in our new home.

No, I didn't grow up in the States. I've just always been so fascinated with the concept of an American Thanksgiving that when I finally got an oven, I asked my brother Chef Louie to prepare a feast for me.

He certainly did!

Starting at 6 pm on a Wednesday he started BRINING the turkey and he made a raspberry compote. Kasi wala pong cranberries sa bukid namin. OS!

He arrived at around 2 pm THURSDAY ( technically yesterday na yun kasi it's 2 am now). 

He seasoned the turkey with herbs and spices then glazed it with honey and sugar. On top of that he coated it with....secret. He wanted it flavorful and malinamnam.

Lastly he stuffed it with lemons.

Every 30 mins he would take the turkey out of the oven to baste it.

It took 4 hours or so for the 12lbs turkey to cook. My inlaws arrived 2 hrs before dinner time, so Louie panicked! You can't rush the turkey.  Then S arrived and he announced that he is hungry. In fact, he was so hungry that while the master was basting, he took spoonfuls of turkey fat and slurped it. Higupin ba naman ang taba. 

By 6:00 the turkey was almost was starting to look gorgeous

Hangtagal!!!! Hungry!!!

At exactly 7 pm,we were all so  gutom. We just had to eat na! 

But...when he put the turkey on the table, I was aghast! Oh no ano to? TURKEY binakol?! I thought it was overcooked and charred but surprisingly, the skin was flavorful, sweet and crispy. No burnt taste at all!  Apparently this was his plan all along. How dare I question the skills of the Master Baster.

We also had yams...which I just found out yesterday are just sweet potatoes. Ngek. Kamote lang pala.

For dessert, we had CLAFOUTIS. It's actually a french kind of fruit pie. Since the entire metro has no stock of confectionary sugar to dust the top of the pie, AS IN WALA, we had to make chantilly cream. 

Pretty naman di ba. Here's a beauty shot of my pie.

Because we were super hungry, we ate the turkey with RICE! Ofcourse rice + roasted poultry demanded a liter of cold COKE. And as if it wasn't filipinized enough, I ate with my hands...much to S' horror.

It was such a filling night! Filled with good food and good conversations with 2  good friends and my inlaws. When I saw the pictures, I am reminded that there's just so much to be thankful for.



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