Monday, 5 January 2015

Make God Laugh: My 2015 Plans

A wise man once told me, "The best way to make God laugh is to plan." 

He told me this because I have Type-A personality sprinkled with OCD.  To paint you a picture,  I used to make timetables to ensure that my weekends were optimized. I made sure that every hour of my day was accounted for. I was incapable of doing anything that wasn't in my schedule. And if my scheduled got messed up, it was the end of my world. If I was not productive, I felt bad about myself.

Then in 2011, I planned for one epic party.  Imagine white sand, mojitos, teal and coral,  and Cafe del Mar tracks. And just when everything finally got booked and paid for, I received an email that changed my life.

From that moment onwards, I stopped planning. Anything beyond 6 months is a blur. My Tinghun took 3 months to plan and wedding only 5 months.  And guess what? They were all beautiful events nonetheless. I wish you got to attend my wedding. It was one hellava partey!

Nowadays, I don't plan with so much details although occasionally I go back to old habits. I do, however,  set goals and I dream.

I dream a lot.

2014 was my year of pause, hence the name of this blog. I declare that 2015 is my year to learn. God, I have learned everything in 2011 please don't give me hard life lessons in 2015!

I suggest you start 2015 with 1 broad goal. Once you have that already, break it down to objectives.


Goal: Learn atleast 3 Life and/or Livelihood Skills  by the end of Q4 2015

- To Learn a new Language
- To Learn how to Sell

That's it!  See how different it is from a typical New Year's resolution? At this stage, you don't need to go into specifics yet. When the right time comes, the opportunity will present itself.

On that note, I'll start doodling on my new planner!



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