Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Winter Wedding

I'll let you in on a secret...

I have never seen or touch SNOW! Real Snow!


Yes, I do travel frequently but I have always made sure that I skip winter.  True, hotel rates are usually cheaper during this season and lines to tourist attractions are shorter. However, traveling during winter means bulky luggages and shorter time for picture taking!

When you live in the tropics like me, the idea of WINTER is just so exciting and so magical.

In fact, if you decide to have a WINTER-THEMED WEDDING, you'll be doing your guests a favor. Chances are, many of them have not seen snow too!

A lovely bride in my hometown did exactly this!  The theme of her wedding was the NUTCRACKER CHRISTMAS. Kristine Tiu and her groom, Alvin Fong,  transformed the ballroom into a winter wonderland.

From what I heard, it was one of the most enthralling weddings our town (with only 2 seasons) has ever seen.

Unfortunately, I wasn't invited to this wedding. Huhuhu. I'm hoping that one of my friends will be inspired by this post and opt for winter-themed wedding this year! And I hope that she will get me as one of her bridesmaids.

Aim High, L! Aim High!

If I do make it to the winter brigade, I have 3 options. Pictures grabbed from weddingtonway.com.

If the winter wedding falls on the summer month (ironic but can happen), I will go for this dainty knee-length lace dress.

If the winter wedding falls on typhoon season, I will opt for this royal blue Tafetta ball gown. Why? Because, I don't want the rain splatters (or "talsik") visible on my dress! 

If the winter wedding falls on the coldest months of the year,  I will go for something that will make me look like ELSA. Who knows, I may even sing "Let It Go" at the reception.

My hair will definitely be up and adorned with a bejeweled hairpiece. Make up will be nude and light. 

Shoes will be  glitter pumps by Manolo Bhlanik. This shoe will go well with all 3 dresses!

To match the hairpiece and the shoes, the bouquet will be crystals and glitters too!

There you have it, my "Winter Wedding In the Tropics" Look Book.

Dreaming of Snow,


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