Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Cheating Husbands

Last night, I was so affected when my friend sent me screen grabs of her husband's sms.  Reading the words of a husband who left his wife for another woman... made me so angry that I just cried.

"Move on. I'm happy now."
"Wag mo na akong pilitin. Leave me alone."
"I don't want you anymore."
"Have a life!"
"I'm happy. Let me be."

How do you think should a wife with a small kid react? Aber...

The husband had the affair while they were married. She begged. She begged the mistress to stay away.

If my friend was single, of course I'd tell her to move on etc etc.  But being married with a kid, is a different story.

Honestly...I don't understand how a man can say "I love you" you one minute and the next minute beg you to  give him back his happiness.

Please help me understand why husbands cheat even if they have no money.

Are they selfish?
Are their penises that huge? Do they  genuinely feel that they are doing the world a favor by showing it to every woman they like?
Is it because of their childhood?
Are they mentally ill?
Fetishes, perhaps?

Help me understand.

The night ended with my friend consoling me instead. When I woke up the next day, I saw the calligraphy of Cher and it just hits to close to home.

If this was what the husband was thinking, I strongly believe he shouldn't be excused for succumbing to his temptations.

Marriage is a legal and binding contract.

I also like stuff in the mall but I don't go around stealing those because the law tells me I can't.
There are people I want to strangle but I can't because that is called "assault" and I can go to jail for it.

Same goes for cheating, just because you feel you are not happy, it's not a good reason to have an affair and make a baby with your mistress.




  1. i love this entry, L. in today's world where it's so easy to cheat around, sleep around, get married then separate... sometimes it makes me wonder what are the vows for. baka pang SDE video lang yun.
    staying married is really a challenge but once you guys believe that the love you have is meant to last, you will make it work together.

    as for the mistresses... hay ewan x(

    1. Hahaha, pang SDE Lang ang vows. Natawa ako dun. Baka in the near future, may script and rehearsals na rin.

      I was telling my MIL kanina na, buti pa dog may loyalty.

      I just hope that the guys, who sleep around, have the "package" to justify their bad behavior. Otherwise, mahiya sila sa kaluluwa nila ha!

      The thing I love about marriage is you have a bestfriend by default. Agree 100% that it takes work and patience to keep it interesting.

      Marriage is not your day job na if Hindi mo na feel, quit ka lang.

  2. L! Kelangan talaga natin magkwentuhaaaaaa!! OMG.

    Men cheat because it boosts their egos. They get a thrill of having another person *please & love* them. He is still in the *in love* phase.

    Does your cousin really want to get back with him? Kasi ako ha, being really honest. She is better off without him. If ang sasabihin is for the sake of the child - nako, I'd rather be an incomplete family than to have my mom be miserable and have my dad cheat! Totoo yan. Kids are very understanding - they will understand. Lagi kasi nating sinasabi na bata walang alam - ALAM NILA. Better tell them the truth so they can understand. It is a big adjustment, but I'd rather have a *real* life than a fake one.

    Men are willing to give up everything because of the thrill of a new experience. Excited pa yan sa mga bagong adventures and sexcapades. Lilipas din yan. Ang tanong - is cousin willing to wait? Is she willing to forgive? Is she willing to forget?

    Kaya alam mo, I am all for divorce. Tangina, gagawa ka ng kalokohan - panindigan mo at supportahan mo ang pamilya mo! Gago!!

    Weird nga eh.. Kasi MOST men who cheat - they shower their wives with affection and money. Itong asawa ng pinsan mo.. at itong kakilala ko - GAGO kasi wala. As in wala.

    We really need to talk. AS IN!

    1. Ang Hirap kasi because by just letting him be, parang he's being rewarded for bad behavior. Like letting him off the hook easy.

      GAGO tlga to, as in ang kapal ng mukha.

  3. Hi Ladies! I love the fact that this comment room greeted me with the voices of Fran & Didi, two great friends I made during my blogging days and now L, from my design and card-printing days :)

    Fran, I had to laugh at your SDE video comment haha :) All those blown-out-of-proportion weddings become bullshit when the dashing groom decides to stray and the wife cries her heart out until she gets used to it and would gladly accept an Hermès from her cheating husband to numb her pain.

    Didi, I cannot agree with you more. I'd rather live and raise my children alone than to expose them to the daily pain and struggle of a marriage that is already broken. We are actually stronger than we think :)

    L, by all means let him enjoy his sexcapades with his mistress now. If he's able cheat on his wife, he'd be able to do the same to his mistress. Let his conscience eat him whole when he's a lonely old man with prostrate cancer with absolutely no family beside him.

    I do admire your cousin though. I think it takes on a different kind of strength to be able to forgive and understand. I always wonder if for better or worse covers infidelities... because aren't we supposed to love unconditionally?

    Fran & Didi, isn't this the same topic of discussion we had when I invited you over my place for breakfast last time? Maybe we should recruit L as our new member :)

    1. My cousin will sue their freaking asses. They really deserve it. Forgiveness comes after justice. It's an ongoing saga.

    2. game!! L should join our next breakfast session :) grabe small world! L, my two dearest friends *point above* are your readers too! :D

    3. Nako wala akong readers, para lang tong FB wall but longer

  4. I am a regular reader of your blog, I enjoy your entries. Keep on writing.