Thursday, 22 January 2015

The Girl In The Painting

I don't know if you have noticed that I have never mentioned my full name or posted a picture of myself in this blog. This space is just so PUBLIC!

I don't have the words to describe my face but I believe that this painting looks exactly like me.

Believe it or not, when the artist painted this, we have not met yet.  " I knew I loved you before I met you", ang peg!!!

On a more serious note, Julio Jose Austria is a New York-based artist. He is a very talented painter with a Fine Arts Degree from the University of Santo Tomas. In 2009, he was given a residency program at the Vermont Studio Center in the US. Julio and his work has travelled all over the world.  "MY" painting included! 

PHASES OF TYPHOON Julio Jose Austria’s latest exhibit, ‘Reroute,’ is a look into diaspora and journey. (Images by Pinggot Zulueta)

In 2013, I met Julio in the Lower East Side. I browsed through his portfolio and I saw a painting of a girl that looks like me! How strange! I asked him about it but back then I was told that it was not available because a gallery owns it.

Last week, Julio had an exhibit at ARTCUBE. A few days later, he told me that he was doing an inventory of all his paintings and he saw that the painting I like is still available and it's in the Philippines!

Many of my friends who saw the picture of the painting in my IG  thought the lady is me. 

The most ironic thing is, the title of this work is SILENCE.  And I am noisy. Even the thoughts in my head are loud. I am so noisy that I am a vexation to the spirit.  Could it be that the Universe is telling me something? 

And that something is..."SHUT UP".

Sigh... I love the story of how this painting came into my life.

Here's the message from the artist when I told him that I am over the moon that I will finally own this painting. FINALLY!

Yes, likewise. Forgot to tell you that painting went around the world for various shows pero dito din umuwi. It's a nice piece and before we wonder why it has never been sold but now I understand. I do believe nga yun sabi nila each painting an artist does palagi may right person na katapat.

This year, I will not buy a nice bag. I used my shopping money for this painting. Worth it.

Aspiring Art Patron,



  1. Alam mo, I don't know why but I am drawn to you. Sorry ha, stalker levelz! Baka dahil parehas tayong madaldal? Hahaha!! :)

    I appreciate art but I don't look for it - but this is really nice.

    It's so nice though that you got to have it na! I'm so happy for you! But I believe that certain pieces of art really finds its way to their owners. Imagine, it travelled all over - and sa iyo rin mapupunta. I shall say - the timing was right too!!

    Love, Didi

    1. May magnetic personality ako. CHAROT.

      Madaldal ako kaya lang when I quit my job and now "work" for husband wala ako ma kausap sa office. Kinakausap ko na nga sarili ko e. Haha, so nag blog ako kasi ang inggay nga mga voices sa head ko.

      Ako, I don't appreciate art. In fact, I skip museums! But this one I saw and I like because it looks like me. Narcissism!

      Alam mo, as I age parang I'm starting to like beautiful things. Before, I only buy ukay ukay and divi but recently I'm starting to appreciate designers and artists. I don't buy though kasi I don't have a job.

      When I had a job, I had no taste. Life is funny that way.