Sunday, 15 February 2015


Oh My Gulay! I just realized that today is my first year anniversary in journaling!!!  12 months and 188 posts. Award!

I have achieved no commercial success! Wahahaha!

And that's okay! I can't really be a professional writer because of my bad grammar and my crazy auto correct!  I usually type on my Ipad while I'm waiting for my food to cook.  

I also can't be a "blogger" because I am anti social. Hence, no events for this weirdo. 


Also, I don't know if you've noticed but I'm still trying to stay incognito.

BUT!!! I am very happy that I gained a number of online friends! Yey! They are my reward! 

Shout out to...

- Candishhh
- Frannywanny
- Tsinoyfoodies
- Apples and Dumplings
- Next9
- Momamaph
- Ocmominmanila
- Cher Cabula
- MM
-Maria Ria Aquino


They are my constant chikkamates in FB and IG! 

Anyway, I'm giving away 2 gifts related to the 2 things I enjoy in life: Coffee and Wine. 

Send me a message at

Include your:

Mailing address:
Place of First Kiss:
Favorite Color:

And sana sa pinas ka lang di ba!

Wag na sa comment box may address e.

Ps> Until FRIDAY, Feb 20. 

Thank you!!!! 

A year older, 



  1. woohooo happy anniversary!! this is one of my favorite blogs as you never fail to make me smile or laugh (lalo na with your inday photos haha) so happy to be one of your online friends and hope to meet you sooooon!!

  2. Happy Anniversary (of sorts) to you!!!! I agree with Fran, I love your writing and your blog. It's so you!! I'm also grateful that you are now an important part in my life. (and mushy!!) haha. Keep on doing what you love and here's to more baking!!

  3. Happy anniversary! Just a new reader but i really enjoy reading your posts, so natural and so tsinoy (in a very good way) :) can so relate :)

  4. Hi Ms. L, I've been wanting to leave a few words on your posts but like you, I'm very private so i am contented to just be a lurker… until today. Just wanna greet you Happy one year blogging. Yes, you are officially a blogger because you have anonymous follower/s. But hope to meet you someday. Im your silent stalker/lurker since May 2014 when i happened to google about a certain Fil-Chi traditions. Your blog post popped out. Up until today, i am totally hooked. I enjoyed your humour and life stories. Im also a fil-chi but cannot speak chinese and like you, been trying to conceive but still failure for 11 years. But Im happier each day. :) And I'm an Ilongga too. Good luck and wish you well. Keep on blogging. Ayy, by the way, can i make a request :) i meant to gift a Chinese mentor having everything or shall i say can buy herself anything she wants but i i wanna send her something this CNY. Hope to read a blog advise on this. Thanks so much. Happy New Year. Cheers:) (Just call me Mrs. Rabbit)

    1. Mrs. rabbit: Uy thank you guid sa pag basa sang mga wala pulos ko na guina sulat.
      I-pray ta man ikaw na hatagan ka baby.
      Pero if wala, then maayo na panglawason sa inyo mag-asawa

      Now for the gift, personally, I find things related to the Chinese zodiac very thoughtful. I gave my Australian friend a crystal bracelet with a monkey charm and I had it blessed in the temple. Barato Lang. Less than 500 pesos.

      If not Chinese related, then an intimate lunch is always a good way to show appreciation

  5. At shempre you (special) mentioned me!! KILIG LEVELS!!

    I haven't met you in person but I have to say - I SUPER LOVE YOU TALAGA! O diba? STRANGE, CREEPY, WEIRD AND STALKER!! hahahaha... :)

    I really enjoy reading your entries. SUPER! I was telling Fran. Nakahanap ako ng katapat sa iyo. Hahhahahahahahaha!! :) Write more and more and more and more!! :)


    GRabe ka!! Dinaig mo pa ako! 188 entries in a year!! :) Good Job L!! :)

    Thank you also for chatting with me and understanding my crazy-ness!! I wish we lived nearer to one another. Hahahahaha!!

    1. Thanks for chatting with me too! It gets lonely working for your husband and staying at home :)