Thursday, 19 February 2015

FO GUANG SHAN New Year's Prayer

For me... Buddhism is a way of life.

It is relevant to people who have everything and yet feel empty. It talks about simplifying one's life because the joys and pleasures of the world are but temporal.

I am a lover of all religions. However,  I believe in One God, the Almighty and I believe HE created the Universe. The Universe has a dynamic and a plan. Everything that happens is meant to happen for us to get from point A to point B and ultimately to our destination.  

I also believe that people are innately good. 

My goal now is to CONTINUE simplifying my life. I want to find the joy in the simple things and  to enjoy the now. I'm working on giving happiness to others. Admittedly, it is really not very easy for me to love everyone because I do get agitated and I worry easily but this is my journey.

To clarify, I'm not really Buddhist but I do appreciate the teachings.

Here's the prayer last night. It's so easy to understand why it resonates with me.

If you want to know more about Buddhist teachings...

Zen Zen De Zarapen,



  1. I was not able to go there before new year's eve. Traffic stopped me. But i went there once upon a time with a Chinese mentor. Had veggie lunch at Waterdrop Teahouse. Buddhism teachings are very practical. I try to practice their mantra as much as possible "Do good deeds, Say good words, Think good thoughts'. :) Happy New Year Ms. L.

    1. What does a Chinese mentor teach? Cool nun a! Maka hanap din nga