Saturday, 21 February 2015


ANG PAO/HONG BAO/ 红包/Red Packets are the standard gifts given during special occasions...weddings, birthdays, Chinese New Year and sometimes, even Christmas!

The amount should be in EVEN NUMBERS but never a 4 in the amount. Bawal 4, 44, 400.  4 sounds like death in chinese.

Ang Paos are usually given by MARRIED couples to Singles and Children. It is to ward off evil and to bring good luck. But, this year I got angpao from my in- laws because we need luck! My MIL said, she's giving me and S for 财气! TSAI KI in hokkien. I learned a new word!

Then I also got ang pao with 20 pesos from the temple!

 Feeling luckier,


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