Wednesday, 25 February 2015

The Moment We Fell In Love

My boss, Marga Mathijssen once told me..."Never forget the exact moment you fell inlove with each other. When the kids and the problems come and life happens...that moment will sustain you"

So I made sure I never forgot mine.

The first time S said I love you, we were sitting on a bench inside the Botanical Gardens, Singapore. It was around 7pm, dusk. I was lying on his lap.

He said... " I love you.."

I said..."That's nice..."

And no, I didn't just give you a bull*shit story grabbed from "Nottinghill". This really did happen.

It was in Paris, under a full moon on a bridge across the church of Notra Dame that I FELL IN LOVE with my husband. I'm sosyal that way.  Dun pa talaga eh, no?

It was our last day in Paris and we were sad that we were back to doing LDR again. We cried because the thought of being apart is just painful.

 Love and its many expressions really do change in time. You won't always have the dreamy eyes and the corny lines. All you are left with is the memory of THAT one DEFINING moment (two or three if you are lucky)  that the world stopped and only your hearts spoke.

Last year, we found ourselves in Paris again. But this time, not so in love na. We went to that same spot in Notra Dame and all S could think about was "Nutella Crepe". He couldn't admire the view because all he could think about was that stupid crepe.

Instead of getting mad at him, I just closed my eyes and recalled the time we fell in love. A few seconds later, I opened my eyes and said..."Why don't we go find that crepe." He smiled and held my hands.

How about you, can you remember the moment you fell in love?

Sentimental Fool,



  1. me me me i still remember everythingggg <3

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