Wednesday, 4 February 2015


Last night, I was watching David So on YouTube. In one of his vlogs, he and his friends discussed this documentary about an American company that makes realistic and anatomically correct dolls.

THIS IS A LEGIT COMPANY! They make more than  5 Mio USD a year in revenue!  They even sell worldwide!

Since, I like documentaries and biographies especially if the subject  touches on psychology, I searched for it in YouTube.

This is not the first time I came across these types of subject. I also saw a documentary about SECOND LIFE. It's a 3D virtual world where people can connect, earn money and even own virtual properties. Why they want to own virtual properties is beyond me.


A couple of years back, I also watched LARS AND THE REAL GIRL after Mico recommended it to me. The movie was headlined by Ryan Gosling. The plot is amazing! The movie won several international awards. 

But the documentary didn't have the same light and comedic tone that movie had. It's very honest and factual bordering perverse. And no, It is not porn! 

I felt sad listening to the owners. I realized that there are people who are just really sad, insecure and lonely. They have trouble interacting with people, especially that of the opposite sex. This is called SOCIAL ANXIETY DISORDER. Pretty much the issue of Raj Kootyhrapali. Thank God, he overcame his selective mutism.

I found it  really sick how they treat and LOVE their dolls. Yes, LOVE! You have to watch the docu to see what I mean! Don't worry it's not bastos.

I am a very understanding person with a high level of empathy but I couldn't bring myself to finish watching the video.

As a general principle, the brain is wired for self preservation. It can signal the release of adrenaline to help us cope with stressful/dangerous situations. The brain can also create alternate realities to help someone cope with mental disorder or abuse. 

However, I just didn't  want to get to the part on how they use, clean and maintain the dolls. I could only deal with the overview. Perhaps, I'm not that open minded.

But hey, if you are brave enough, here's the first of the links, GUYS AND DOLLS

When we woke up the next day, I told my husband that we are so lucky that we found each other. I didn't really realize that it's hard for some people to find a companion until I saw the documentary... well part of it.

So, If you are with someone...treasure that person. I'm sure the guys in the documentary would change places with you in a heartbeat.

Freaked Out,


PS> I don't own any of the photos. I didn't manage to get the details of the owners because I asked S to do the search since I find some of the results disturbing.

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