Thursday, 19 February 2015

Ash Wednesday and Chinese New Year

Yesterday, I felt like a Filipino-Chinese more than ever. I had to celebrate two very important traditions in one day.

In the morning, I attended the ASH WEDNESDAY mass and ate my obligatory JOLLIBEE TUNA PIE for breakfast.

Later that afternoon, we dropped by Ong pin on our way home. The chaos!  Pinoys, Fil-Chis and Caucasian tourists were buying tikoy, fruits, balloons and charms.  I just love the optimism of Filipinos. Hit talaga pag pam pa-swerte

I loved the festive vibe in Ong pin! Any excuse to celebrate is a good excuse! 

We had dinner at my husband's house. My mother-in-law prepared 4/8 auspicious food + my favorite pork dish.

After dinner, we went to FO GUANG SHAN to receive our New Year's Blessings and to watch their dragon and lion performances.

The best part of attending the CNY celebrations at Fo Guang Shan is the fact that the female monks speak English! Every year, I really look forward to the "sermon" of the shi fu/master. I swear, after listening to it, I always feel calm and happy. Actually, I told my husband that I want to be a monk just to get that kind of happy aura that they have.

Here are the key points of her short sermon.

1. Enjoy the moment. Focus on the moment.
2. We must do what we can to make others happy or to help others.
3. Do good things, Say Good Words and Think Good Thoughts.

After the chants and the talk, the God of Fortune arrived, danced a bit and gave angpaos to everyone.

So half day I was Filipino-Catholic and half I was Filipino-Chinese Buddhist. Half breed took on a very literally meaning yesterday.

Sorry this post seem uninspired. I'm too full and too lazy to write. We had buffet lunch at Marco Polo and I'm stuffed.

Too full to think straight,


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