Tuesday, 8 December 2015

I Hate End Of Christmas Breaks!!!!

The best time of the year is the week before the Christmas Break. Everyone in the office is so happy na! No one is actually working anymore.

The worst time is returning back to work! My gulay, I really hated it. Feeling ko my heart went down to all the way to my feet!

I think, this conditioning started when I also hated going back to school after the 2-3 weeks Christmas Break. Mas worst pa if may exam pag balik!

It didn't help that my mom had a song to taunt us..."Our vacation has passed. It is school time at last..." We hated it!

I wish my parents gave me new notebooks, new bags to mentally trick me into looking forward to resuming school. Unfortunately, they gave me a TV set which just made me want to stay home even more.

If you know a kid who is like me, you better buy them a new bag to mentally condition them! It sounds materialistic but I liked the start of the school year because I had new stuff that smelled really new!

Last week, I went to Rustans and I saw these cute bags by Beatrix. They were designed in New York and are now available in the Philippines. I like that they are machine-washable.

I like their trolleys too. Pwede for travel. Maybe I can also get for myself for hand carry.

Cute no?

I love the lunch boxes too. Dati baon ko iced milo. It would spill all over my bag and my mom would get upset. Wala pang pang tetrapack milo noon!!!! Oh gosh!!! Tandercats na ako!!!!

If medyo dalaga or yuppie na, I like BUILT. Also from New York and available in Rustans or online in Beautymnl.com and Ava.ph.

I like BUILT kasi it is lightweight and stretcheable. It is made of the same material used in wetsuits, so it's water resistant so bagay for those who commute. Water resistant ha, hindi water proof! Wag naman ilublob sa drum.

Ayyyyyy!!!! New ballpens and notebooks! I love the smell of new paper!  And feeling ko mas maganda handwriting ko if new ballpen. Chaarrrr.

Lapit na Christmas! Kaloka! Hindi pa ako nag shoshop!!!




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