Thursday, 31 December 2015

What's The Meaning Of Your Name?

Just a quick post to share before the year ends!

I found this interesting site that tells you the meaning of your name.

It's really interesting how it defined me down to a tee! And my name is not common! Amazing algorithms!

Top 10 Hot Spots!

1. Finishes everything I start- Check.
 Explained by OCD

2. Generous by likes to see returns from giving- Check! 

3. Executive Ability/ Leader- Check
I have always been a leader even as a kid. I organized camping trips and get-together even when I was only 10 years old.

4. Spirituality- On a journey

5. Honest- Check! 
Too frank for my own good. I don't can't lie to my husband too!

6. Methodilical- Check! 
I love processes!

7. Believe in Law, System and Order- AMEN. 
For instance,  I don't believe that blood is thicker than water. I am not nice nor do I automatically forgive just because you are family. If you are right, you are right, regardless of who you are.  If you are nice, I reciprocate even if we are not close.
If there's a law (social or political), I enjoy following. Not because I care about what others think but just because I can't help myself.

8. Detailed and Well-organized- Check!
I love putting my life on excel.

9. Stubborn- VERY!
No one can ever force for to do anything. Compromise is not very easy for me to do. If I don't like a person or a thing, no one can convince me to change my mind.

10. Overly Critical Of Others- Check! And myself too! 
Because I read people well and I believe in law and system, it's quick for me to spot what's not right.

Find out the meaning of your name too! Click on this link!WHAT DOES YOUR NAME MEAN?

I Wish To Greet Everyone A Happy New Year!

On a quick vacation,


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