Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Lady's Choice Christmas Macaroni Salad

spent many of my corporate life working for Lady's Choice. It is a brand that I truly believe in. Otherwise I wouldn't have been inspired to work on it for so long.

Lady's Choice is made from real eggs. It uses the finest soya oil, making it rich in Omega 3. It doesn't use any extenders, like starch. Most of the cheaper brands of mayonnaise are techically not mayonnaise because they add extenders to compensate for lowering the oil content. 

If it uses the word "mayo" and not mayonnaise, it is not pure mayonnaise. 

Same thing goes for cheese spreads that uses "fun" modifications of the word cheese, ie cheeeezy, cheeze, quezo etc. Check the labels and look for "modified starch" in the ingredient 

The brand was so good to me and my career. It  brought me many good things in life that I count myself as a lifetime endorser.

For my Noche Buena tomorrow, I'm preparing my own version of the Lady's Choice Macaroni Salad.

CORE Ingredients
400g elbow macaroni
470 ml Lady's Choice Mayonnaise
Diced Cheese
Diced Carrots
Pineapple Chunks
Boiled Chicken Shredded

Mawala na lahat wag lang ang CORE ingredients. Core nga e.

And since every wife/mom wants to personalize this easy dish, I added my "echoz" ingredients so that I can differentiate my salad from my mom's salad.

Echoz Ingredients
Mourtarde à l'ancienne
Moutarde de Dijon (Dijon Mustard)
Caesar Salad Dressing
Chippy Chicken Salt from Australia
Dried Cranberries 
Parmesan Cheese
Tricolor Peppercorns

And ayan, ang aking Bonggang Bonggang Macaroni Salad.

Tip: Mix the mayonnaise and all the other seasoning in the bowl first! Add in the carrots, cheese, pineapple etc. Taste. If you are happy with the base flavor, add in the macaroni in batches. It's important that the macaroni is coated at hindi ka Kinulang sa dressing. Otherwise, it'll be dry. Please wag itambak lahat and saka mag add ng mayonnaise. Mahirap yan habulin sa lasa.

Ready na lahat December 23 palang! AWARD! Tomorrow, I have to be at my in-laws from 2pm-7pm. Then I have to rush home to have a mini Noche Buena with my brother. So as early as now I prepared na. Two batches yan, one for the 24th and another for the 25th.

This is what I have prepared for my NOCHE BUENA tomorrow:

1. Spaghetti. My spaghetti is a mixture of many sauces and I add cream. 

2. Macaroni Salad
3. Fruit Salad
4. Sapin-sapin
5. Queso de Bola
6. Christmas Ham
7. Pandesal
8. Swiss Miss with Marshmallow. (No Batirol this year. High caffeine)
9. Sparkling Juice ( No wine, No champagne this year. No alcohol. Period no erase)
10. Leche Flan... But I'm still thinking about it. Kasi 3 lang naman kami.

On the 25th my parents are arriving. My parents plus my in-laws will be having dinner in our house. This time, my brother will cook. On top of the many food my mom is bringing from Iloilo, my brother will prepare the following:


Sounds easy but mahirap yan! Swerte my brother is a chef. Confident ko tuloy mang invite.

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

Off to bed,


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