Tuesday, 15 December 2015

My Husband's Birthday at F1 Hotel (and more)

We celebrated the eve of my husband's Birthday at F1 Hotel.

Parang Christmas Eve lang di ba!

Yes! My husband's birthday is that special! I make a big fuss about it every year because he told me that there was a time that everyone forgot his birthday.  Sabi ko, "Never again!!!" OA parang linya sa "Gone with the Wind" di ba.

So, I planned to make a weekend out of his birthday. Not just a usual dinner, na eat and run lang.

I have actually been planning and saving this treat for myself, A STAYCATION AT F1 HOTEL.  It was supposed to be for my quiet time.

However, I decided to give the treat to my husband instead. He has been working so hard this year and I figured, he needs a quick respite.

Our check-in was very efficient. The receptionists were all very friendly. We were in our room within 10 minutes upon arrival!

When we opened the door to our room, GOSSHH! We were amazed at how big and gorgeous it was!

There was a king-size bed.

A separate TV area!

We even had our own small living room!

The room was really big talaga!  We also had a nice view of the city! The door to the balcony was locked though. I assumed it was for safety reasons.

We never bothered going out of the hotel na. We just decided to stay in and have dinner there. The food was amazing. We only paid around 900 Php/head for the buffet. The normal rate is  1,399 Php but the manager gave us discount vouchers. It was a really good deal!

The best part was that EAT-ALL-YOU-CAN COTTON CANDY! Coincidentally, this is the favorite sweet of my husband.

I think the staff overheard us talking about my husband's birthday.  When we were about to leave, they all came out to sing him their "Happy Birthday" number.  All out na all out! I love their execution ha!

Afte dinner, I asked my husband to rest for 2 hours because I had another surprise planned for him, a massage at the F1 SPA. It wasn't that expensive at all. I only paid around 988Php Nett.

While he was at the SPA, I wrote him a letter. Char...

I enumerated all the good and bad things that happened to him (and me, nadamay kasi) for this year and told him that we have been blessed. I told him how much I appreciate his effort to give me a good life and I told him I am proud of him. Magic words yan.

When I was done emoting, I called the guest services and told them that it's my husband's birthday. I asked if there's anything special from the hotel that I can order for him. They offered me a complimentary cake!

My husband came back from his massage very relaxed and when he saw my mini surprise, he smiled and said thank you. I knew he was very touched (and pressured to match all my surprises...)

When the clocked stuck 12 midnight, I asked him to close his eyes while I offered a prayer for him. In a nutshell, I thanked God for giving him another good year, a year filled with joys and challenges. And I asked God to keep him safe for this year and to give him good health so that we have more years together.

Then we slept soundly. YES! WE JUST SLEPT! The bed was very good. I felt as I was sleeping on  a tempur mattress.

The following day, his actual birthday, we checked out to attend mass at Don Bosco.

Then at 6 pm we had dinner with his family and friends at Fely Jay's.  Filipino food is always good value for money, especially if the one making libre is a housewife lang.

The staff sang him a very loud and joyful "Happy Birthday" number. My husband turned red from all the attention.

After dinner, we had karaoke in Center Stage. It was way cheaper than Red Box. I only paid 550/room/hour! I was apprehensive at first that his family won't participate and it would be awkward But to my surprise, his twin sisters joined in! It was actually the first time they had karaoke as a family!

By the time his birthday ended, we were both so tired. I saved up my allowance and it was money well spent!

How about you? How do you make your husband/boyfriend/partner's day special?



F1 Hotel
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Fely Jay's
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