Monday, 28 December 2015

Clarins, My First Anti-Aging Serum

Sigh...2016... I'll be 34 years old na. Every New Year brings me closer to adulthood. It's like a splash cold water on my face.

Last New Year's Eve, I made an impulsive decision to start trying to conceive. 

Yes, the realization that I would be 33 was a wake up call that I should start trying to have a baby. I realized I'm no longer a spring chicken and my eggs are depleting. 

So on the night of December 31, 2014,  we tried to have unprotected and on-cycle contact for the first time ever.

My dear friends, 2 weeks ago,  I saw my first fine line, the onset of a wrinkle. Aggghhhh!!!! Okay, so it's not yet a wrinkle but when I frown, the line doesn't disappear as quickly as it used to.

I tell you, it is a humbling and worrying sign that I am indeed getting old.

It's time to start change my ordinary moisturizer to an anti-aging potion.  I was too lazy to have a beauty regimen. I only used cetaphil and moisturizer. Gosh, I was too confident...

But now, like the many before me, I join the quest for the everlasting youth. a marketer I should know better. I have read somewhere that lard (yes, animal fat) performs parity versus the most expensive anti-wrinkle creams. 

But this fine line on my forehead forces me to throw fact and logic out the window. 

To be honest, I think I will be one of those people who will be in denial that I am aging. I will never hide my age but perhaps I will eventually use Botox to defy nature. 

Anyway, that was a very long rant. 

Here's my first anti-aging serum by Clarins. I got it today.

Product: Double Serum

Proposition:  Complete Age Control Concentrate

Price: 4,500 php


Reason to Believe:
90% of women find it more effective than their current serum.**
Powered by 20 pure plant extracts and potent, high-tech molecules—Double Serum’s innovative, dual chamber system combines two age-defying formulas into one groundbreaking serum that reactivates skin’s vital functions. The result: visibly firmer skin, visibly reduced wrinkles, a more even skin tone and less visible pores in just 4 weeks.* 

Promotion/Basis for Choice:  Influencer/ Word of Mouth. My husband said his mom is very happy with Clarins, Sheiseido and La Mer.

I won't use it now, I have to finish my existing jar of Biotherm aquasource but once that's done, I'll officially deal with my aging concerns.

Do you have any anti-aging regimens that you can recommend?

In Denial,



  1. I don't have any specific products that I can recommend because I'm not very willing to spend much on beauty products (I'm am so not kikay) but I do believe in moisturizing. Kahit anong product, don't forget to moisturize and a friend once told me na maski nasa 20s ka pa lang, you have to start moisturizing na.

    Now that you're expanding, keep in mind that the same concept applies to stretch marks ah, don't forget to moisturize as early as now!

    1. I just re-read my comment and can't believe I said "moisturize" 4x! and since "moist" was voted the most hated/annoying word ever, I'll say it a few more times for fun - moisturize, moisturize and moisturize :)

    2. Hay I have to admit I was tamad to moisturize in my 20s. Too confident kasi wala namang skin problems. Usually we fix if may problem na kasi di ba. But yes, I started na with anti stretch mark mga 3 months palang. My husband applies it. Bonding moment na kuno.

  2. L, I use boots no 7 at night, should be more consistent though and should start using toner na. Sunblock and moisturizer during daytime as advised by derma.-K

    1. Baka kasi K you are in your 20s palang. I was like that too, I wasn't consistent. I always struggled with supunblock kasi parang ang kapal na with make up. Parang ang lagkit na or caking. Btw, did you get my reply on your boss issue?

    2. I'm actually 32 na, kaya I have to be consistent with my regimen. You should try sunblock mixed with moisturizer. Or if sunblock lang, try neutrogena. I experiment with several brands but those are the two formats in the market from what I know. Pag moisturizer + sunblock, less work. Hehe! Yes thank you very much for your advice, gave me a different perspective on my boss. Sorry I wasn't able to reply agad, got swamped with work. =( -K

  3. I use Creme de La Mer. It immediately removes any dry or red patches on my skin.

    1. I have a La Mer Cream too. Yes it really removes dry patches quickly but can't seem to reduce my fine line. I'm obsessing about my fine line. And it's ruining my new year.

    2. The Creme de La Mer doesn't remove fine lines but it's a fantastic moisturizer. My skin is so sensitive with the change in weather. La Mer does the trick. Been using it for years. Expensive yes but it works. And a jar lasts me 6-8 months so it's sulit na. When I cook and get oil splatters on my hand, I dab a bit of the cream and voila, it's gone.

    3. Oh I was told that you have to apply the Cream de La Mer the way the sales people taught you. At first I thought it was a marketing thing. But by rubbing and heating up the product between your fingers, it's the way to release whatever benefits the product has onto your skin upon application.

    4. So my husband wasn't joking afterall! I thought he was kidding when he taught me how to apply it

  4. Be careful with the produces you use for your skin... This includes makeup, especially now that you are pregnant. Those that have high lead content especially cheap brands aren't good. Drink plenty of fluids as well as fresh fruits.

    1. Yeah, I actually didn't use muna the anti-aging. I will ask the doctor first. I just stay safe muna with moisturizer (Biotherm) and eye cream (kiehls ). I only use Mac Compact and Lipstick (Maybelline

  5. Started using Clarins products since I was 25. I switch between it and Dermalogica. I love the facial of Dermalogica in Rustans. I like the Ultra Calming Spray of Dermalogica. I always have it in my bag when my skin feels heavy and dry.