Saturday, 28 November 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

Christmas music already fills the air and I am reminded of all the things I should be thankful for this year! 

One thing I am truly blessed with is my small kitchen because despite its size, it has everything I need to whip up a feast. 

Ever since I got married and regained access to a functional oven,  I have been more confident in throwing "intimate" dinners at home. Just like when I was still living  in Singapore! Ofcourse, it helps that my brother is a professional chef.  

The rare time I open my doors to a much bigger crowd, I always make sure that the spread is impressive. After all, with the traffic in Manila I need to make it worth the drive. 

This year both my parents and my husband's family  made it to our Thanksgiving Dinner. My parents flew in from Iloilo to witness my brother's culinary skills, the stuff he learned when he interned at the Ritz Carlton Florida. All of which are useless when it comes to preparing traditional a Filipino feast. A western menu is the best way to showcase his skills to my provincial parents.

My 2 closest friends also made it to dinner. So our small home was filled with people. Some had to sit on the floor.  YES! It is that small. It's the price of choosing to live in the middle of Makati! 

My brother single handedly prepared everything on that table, except for the Ube Cake. Joy got that for me. I love Ube!!!

Louie's preparation started the day before, when he brined the turkey over night. The trick to a flavorful turkey is to brine it for atleast 24 hours.

Then he seasoned and roasted the turkey for 6 hours, basting it every 30 mins. Indeed a labor of love.

The outcome was perfection.

He also prepared all the traditional sidings: Mix berry sauce, Gravy, Potatoes, Yams etc. We wanted our parents to experience how to be "Emericans". Copycats lang kami. We just started celebrating Thanksgiving last year. Blame it to too much Television.

I'm thankful my mom flew in because she cleaned up after dinner.  Bonggang-bonggang maid. My brother used A LOT of pots, pans and trays kasi. Kaloka. By 10 o'clock, our kitchen was meticulously clean, thanks to mama!

My friends and I had cake and coffee til midnight. It felt like Christmas!

What a wonderful dinner! Ubos lahat!

The next feast will be NOCHE BUENA and this time, It'll be my turn to cook for my family. Thank God, Filipino food is relatively easy to prepare.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Feeling "Emerican",



  1. does your home still smell like turkey ?

    A long time ago, during my first Thanksgiving in the US, a friend offered to make turkey. Niluto nga nila the whole day yung turkey and we were told that for weeks after, their apartment smelled of turkey. Even their ref smelled of turkey because of the leftovers (pinag hati hatian na namin and there were still a lot left). Hindi na naulit ang luto ng turkey, someone just orders :)

    It's so great to be able to have both your parents and in-laws for a thanksgiving celebration. Pinanindigan ba ang pagiging Emericans by going shopping afterwards ? ;)

    1. May new air filter na naman kami. I think Dahil dun walang smell. Hay walang sale dito. Ung kalokang sale ha. Mga the usual 20 off Lang. Pffft

  2. Sad I missed this. I will volunteer my home and kitchen to Tenksgiving next year.. Game?
    Pwede bang kahit hindi Thanksgiving luto tayo ng turkey?


    Love, Didi

    1. Hahahha ay jusko no ang Hirap. Pang once a year Lang tlga. Ang mahal nga order ng turkey 8,500 for 4 kg din