Sunday, 1 November 2015

Appreciate Your Spouse

I have been quite sick these past few weeks. To say that I am just "Under the weather" is an understatement. Even my parents had to come over.

The good thing is, my husband has been taking very good care of me. Last night he woke up at 2 am to prepare my vaporizer because my nose were stuffy and my head was palpitating.

Over breakfast, I told him...

"You know ever since we first met, you have never made me feel that there is anything I lacked. Everything I want and need,  you always found a way to give me. You always make things easier for me and you put my well being before yours. Thank You."

He just said...

" Duh. Ofcourse. And I never ever make you tipid. I always tell you, 'You can buy whatever you want.' You never buy anything. You're so barat even if it's not your money."

So, okay, that wasn't a very romantic response to my appreciation. Sometimes Most of the time, my husband says things that ruin the moment. But that's him. We both agreed that when "Life Happened", it took some romance away and he is still running after "Life" to get it back.

No marriage is ever perfect. It's really up to you to find that little nugget of good in your husband or wife. If not, you will be terribly dissatisfied and unhappy.

I genuinely believe there is always something good in everyone. You just have to force yourself to find it. And when you do, acknowledge it.

Please pray for my quick recovery. Everyone is up and about and I'm stuck at home.



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