Sunday, 1 November 2015

Thank God For Mommies

We never really stop needing our moms. We grow up. We think we can do it on our own. Wait til you get sick and you'll realize you need mommy again.

Today my husband finally got sick; chills, headache and all. 

Since I am also sick, I had to call his mom for reinforcements. She came over around 5 in the afternoon. She brought food for me and fruits for him.

After evaluating the condition of my husband, we both agreed it is best if she takes him home. I am pretty sure he needs to go to the doctor tomorrow. Since I can't drive him and it's unwise for him to drive himself, it is best that his mom takes him instead.

Aside from that, my husband and I need to be quarantined from each other. Otherwise, the circle of sickness will never end. 

Most moms worry that they will no longer be needed once their kids get married. I disagree, I actually think moms will get an additional person to take care of. Especially, if her kid marries someone like me. 

In my 13 years of being a domestic goddess, I still need mama to remove difficult stains on my clothes. When I go home to Iloilo I always bring her my labada. Then, I remind her no one can do it but her. And I mean every word! Instead of getting annoyed at my pile of laundry- believe it or not- she actually takes pride in doing it.

When I'm sick, I call mama. When I'm scared, I call mama. When I'm angry, I call mama. Geez, when we fight, my husband calls my mom to tell on me!

I realize- We never outgrow our moms.  

...And just as I'm about to end my post, my mother-in-law vibers to check up on me. She now has 2 kids. 

Still sick,



  1. I totally agree - we never outgrow our moms, and not just moms, we will always need our dads too.

    so sorry to hear that you're both sick, get well soon!

    1. I go to my daw for a different reason though. Like wisdom and stuff. If sick tlga, mama all the way

  2. ey L! you ok? Noticed you've been sick a lot... rest well and I hope it's nothing serious :( I miss your funny IG posts

    1. Bad weather and weak immune system bad combination