Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Help via Mail

I've been sad these past few days. First, I was stressed-courtesy of a cousin, who I have never ever talked to in nearly a decade. Then once the stress subsided, sadness seeped in.

Perhaps, God saw me in wallowing in misery again. When my husband arrived from work yesterday, he brought me a parcel. It was my my friend kaye, the other half of The Bento Mommas (Instragram) and author of

The mail cheered me up! Because for one thing, I love getting SURPRISE stuff via snail mail. It reminds me of my penpal days in High School. And ofcourse, I smiled because the arrival of the gifts could have never been more more timely. 

Believe it not, I never mentioned to Kaye that I am sad, in fact, I only posted yesterday as well.

I got 3 DVDs of Louie Giglio's sermon. Kaye figured, I will like his talks because I am interested in astrophysics and biology. Louie Giglio uses the maginifcence of the universe and the human body to illustrate the greatness of our God.

Then, I got a compilation of Christian music and an album of Hillsong.

God delivers in His perfect time and through other people! Amazing! 

I think I will be back to normal programming in a few days. These things work as fast as the strongest antibiotics.



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