Sunday, 30 March 2014

Must TRY Dutch Food

I'm Filipino and while I loooveee Filipino food to bits, I also appreciate the food of other countries.

Dutch food is something close to my heart for 3 reasons:

1. I love cheese
2. I love potatoes
3. I love drinking beer 

Ahhh yes...the trifecta of simple pleasures. And to me, Dutch cuisine is exactly like that...Simple pleasures. No pretentions. Very Approachable. Easy to Enjoy.

Speaking of easy, it's very easy to order food too. Everyone speaks English and everyone is friendly!

Here are the food I managed to stuff myself with while I was in the Amsterdam.

To my dear friends planning to go to the Netherlands this June, don't leave without eating the food in this list. 

1. Stroopwaffle. 

No picture. Boooohooooo!!! 
I ate it right away. Low EQ.
It's amazing when it's fresh and hot!! Peeeerrrrfect with a cup of brewed coffee.
I think, the crispy waffle uses similar spices as those being used in making spekulaas. I'm not too sure.

2. Koffie Verkeerd 

The Dutch Version of a Caffe Latte
Mine was served w a spekulaas cookie. 

3. Stamppot

The epitome of Dutch Cuisine: hearty, simple and filling. 
I will definitely include this in my cooking repertoire. I'm sure this will be pretty easy thanks to the new Knorr Mashed Potato.

4. Patat

The Dutch version of french fries. 
It's a meal in itself. 
When you're freezing and your tummy aching from order of Patat with cola will taste like ambrosia.

5. Kaas broodjes

Like tuna turnover but with cheese.
When it's hot, the cheese inside melts while the cheese on top become even crispier.

6. Bitterballen

And my favorite!!!!
Beer food! The epic beer food!
Best enjoyed with Heineken. OFCOURSE!

7. Kroket

"Where is FEBO?"
"Are we near FEBO??!!!"
"Check your google maps for any nearby FEBO"
I'm sure S wanted to kill me for saying FEBO every minute.
I just couldn't get enough of their KROKETS!
I was so sad that when we got to the Schipol, I couldn't find any FEBO dispenser.

8. Poffertjes

Small pancakes best enjoyed during winter

9. Drops

We didn't like this. It was a big strange for me.
But you must try!
 Let me know what you think.

10. Gouda and other KAAS

If you know me in person, you'll know that I love cheese.
I particularly love hard and mature cheeses ;) 
Needless to say, Amsterdam was heaven for me because the entire country is famous for their dairy products.
Unfortunately, we didn't get to bring anything back because we had to fly Spain and then to Paris and we didn't want to lug them around. 
So if any Dutch gets to read this post and plans to go to Makati, I'll gladly buy you a beer in exchange for cheese.

11. Hagelstag.

Also eaten in Indonesia. This is usually eaten during breakfast.  Spread margarine on bread and sprinkle generously.

NOTE: use flora proactive.

12. Lots of Apple pastries 

This one was my favorite. Best served warm and with coffee. Perfect for winter afternoon tea.

And ofcourse... Don't go home without eating a slice of apple pie.

Food I never got to eat but you should try:

1. Snert
2. Kibble 
3. Haring

For pasalubong, buy the following

1. Short bread cookies, particularly this brand. They've been making this for ages!

2. Anything Spekulaas

3. Stroopwaffles

4. Cheese

Bye. I got hungry from writing this post.

Still on Pause,



  1. Here's a reason to visit the lowlands again: Dutch new (raw) herring (:

    1. I tried that when I visited Scheveningen a couple of years ago. You know it needs vinegar! Better as kinilaw! Hahaha