Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Day 26: The Most Romantic City In The World

Whoever thought of making Paris as the romance capital of the world is one hell of a marketer ( if kunwari cool ka  say, HELLUVA).

When I was in Spain, I felt so...sociable. I went to tapas bars and greeted just about everyone, "hola". I felt sleepy roundabout 2 pm because it was siesta time.

Then when we went to Paris and all of a sudden I felt the urge to hug S and hum "La Vie en Rose".

How was Paris able to build this identity through time? Well,  experience tells me that it was built through literature and cinema.

"We'll always have Paris", famous line's from the classic, Love Affair.

When we saw the Louvre at night ( and this happened a couple of times because we would get lost and end up in Tuileries), we couldn't help but stare and admire it.

Paris gives you that funny feeling.

Unfortunately, it's expensive so you snap out of it quite fast the moment you see the menu prices. 

Since it's our last night, we went to the bridge, OUR BRIDGE. We just bought a 2.50 euro Nutella crepe for dinner.

S told me the first time we went that we must choose a bridge and visit it everytime we go back.  

Our bridge has a beautiful view of the Sienne and the first time we were there, we were blessed with a beautiful full moon and we also had the same crepe. YES! Creatures of Habit!

This same  full moon hypnotized me and turned me into a sap.

Unfortunately, it was freezing this time. Nevertheless, we sat, held each other's hands and I'm glad to have validated that Paris still has the same effect on us. 

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