Saturday, 8 March 2014

Day 21: Paris, We Meet Again!

If you think my arrival in Paris is like a scene from an Olsen Twins' Movie, YOU'RE WRONG.

I didn't take a cab and glance in amazement at all the famous landmarks. 

I took the RER and lugged my 18kg luggage in the metro.

A cab ride takes 50-60 euros approximately. A train ride costs 11 euros.

Yes, I'm cheap. That's a universal truth. I also distrust taxi drivers, except the ones in Singapore. 

The night before my flight, I had nightmares about this bit of my trip. I did this exact same commute 3x already but I still haven't given up on it even if I continue to dread the very thought of descending and climbing 20 flights of stairs (or more) with my luggage.

To give you a better picture...



Thank God, a beautiful hotel room was waiting for me. We always stay in this hotel in the heart of Montmartre. 

As always, the wonderful shopping experience and the magical sights of Paris, healed all the muscle aches and mental trauma from the commute.

Good Night

Still on Pause,


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