Sunday, 16 March 2014

Day 30: The Power of Time Off

I copied with pride the title of this post from Stefan Sagmeister's TED Talk

It was just so timely that I joined S' dinner with Martha. This lady is just so smart. She's like Yoda!

So, we were talking about how  my mind was like a sponge during this trip. Unlike other trips wherein I just wanted to turn off my brain.

I shared that when I was in Santorini, I spent 4 days just staring at Skaros where a castle perched on top of the mountain. For 4 days I thought about how easy it must be to climb the freaking lump of a rock. Then on the 5th day, I realized it was such a stupid idea to climb it.

Anyway, Martha shared that she watched a talk in youtube wherein this designer would close this company for 1 year every 7 years and he would go on a sabbatical.

His logic is...

We spend 

---> 25 years learning
---> 40 years working
---> 15 years in retirement

Why then not get 5 years out of retirement and distribute those years in between the 40 working years.

He found that he would get bored and run out of ideas after a prolonged amount of time at work. These sabbaticals would give him  fresher views on things and ultimately make him more creative.

This in turn made his the sabbaticals beneficial from emotional to financial context.

I'm so happy that I figured all these out myself! Although mine took longer than 7 years. My decision to hit 10 years is intentional. 10 is such a good number! 10 is perfect!

One thing I did learn from the talk is that I have to list the things I wish to learn or achieve during my sabbatical. I must then plot these in a schedule format. Otherwise, the whole break will not yield anything.

Thank God I heard this talk 30 days into my sabbatical!

So yes, Marriage would be #1 as that is in 4 months time. Then ofcourse planning for the day itself is #1.1.  Ensuring our house is liveable is #2.

I started jotting down the rest so that I make sure my sabbatical is so productive. Who knows,  I may even get to do a Ted Talk if something good comes out of this Period of Nothingness. 

I know what you're thinking!!!

Seriously though,  S and I have been talking about how there's more to life other than the wedding day.  There's...ummm...LIFE ITSELF..doh.

Going back to my endless epiphanies...

#3 Definitely take Fookien Classes. My new family has emphasized how important this is.
#4 Take Spanish Classes, My new Inner Diva has emphasized the sexiness of this. 
     Una Copa de Vino, por favor! 
#5  Learn Basic Make Up in preparation for looking decent. 
      I must stop abusing my face in Perfect 365.
 #6 Work as S' secretary, fulfilling one of my dreams!
#7 Go home to my "provance" and start learning our trade

I need to start as early as next month for atleast one of the things on my list!  Inquiries have been sent and crossing my fingers for an immediate response.

Watch the entire talk and be inspired! YOU MUST WATCH THIS! It could change your life too!

Brought to you by the awesome people at TED.

Still on Pause,


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  1. thank you.. this is refreshing and helpful!

    accepting the things I can and can not change