Monday, 10 March 2014

Day 24: Ancient Selfies

Selfies are the worst, and I say WORST side effect of mobile cameras. 

My hatred for selfies is so known that in order to piss me off, my lovely team decided to compile their selfies and give it to me as a farewell gift. They must've hated me so much. Perhaps they were so happy to get rid of their boss.

Hugs! In all seriousness, they are adorable!

Up until recently, I used to get so upset every time a friend  posted her selfies with her lips pouting and sh*t!  Jusko day! Tigulang ka na, abi pag patubo sang buot!

Then I blocked another girl for her highly edited selfies. I know for a fact that she has a mustache in real life. How come her skin is all glowing in her photos?

Then had a epiphany when I went to the Louvre.

YES!  Finally I managed to visit the Louvre! The line was unusually short. Actually Paris was strangely half empty during our visit. No queues outside LV, Chanel. Some restaurants were empty at 8:30 pm on a Friday night. It's either the economy is down or their food sucks.

Going back to my momentous awakening.

I realized that this  concept of  a"selfie" existed as early as the Ancient Egyptian period. Technically it's not a selfie because someone made it but in principle it was also rooted in self love or self admiration. 

Apparently back then it's a lot harder to share your "selfie". Either you chisel it on some wall or you put outside a big ass temple, which is hard to do if you are not the pharaoh.

This one was taken in NYC.

Infact, even in death Egyptian have selfies plastered on their tombs.

Eventually I found myself in the Greek and Roman halls.

I saw Selfies in form of frecoes..this is from Egypt during the roman period

Selfies in mosaic...

Photography: Coyau

Selfies in sculpture....

Then you get the gym buff pose starting to emerge during this period

And the Bieber Boobie Biting BBB pose

I even saw a statue taking it's own selfie!

Hands down, the weirdest selfie would have to be Mona Lisa if ever it was indeed a self portrait of Da Vinci. There were even more selfies during the renaissance as more people had money to support their vanity.

Seriously, I realized that selfies are not effect of modern technology. Modern technology just democratized it. 

Now rich or poor, pretty or swangit can have selfies and share it with the rest of the world. 

Whether the world wants to see another story.

Still on Pause,


Note: I don't own the rights to some of photos. I ran out of battery :(

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