Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Day 25: My Favorite Things

Unlike most girls, I really don't enjoy shopping. In fact it stresses me out.

Knowing fully well the amount of thinking that goes behind each product, it breaks my heart if (and when) I succumb to the powers of the brands.

I firmly believe that it is people who leave brands. Brands never leave people.
A good brand stays true to its core.

 A strong brand reinvents itself to stay relevant but it never deviates from its real identity. I can talk endlessly about this.

It all boils down to the moment of truth. It is that moment that you decide to make a product or a brand part of your life.

There are also brands that I like but I am still not ready to welcome into my life. I feel I am not yet financially ready or worthy to have them.

I had 2 moments of truth here in Paris.

Do you know what happens if you recruit a brand that you are not yet ready to have? You could end up getting it on loan, which is not the best feeling or people could think it's fake.

For instance, if I get an Hermes Birkin now, I would really feel guilty spending a huge chunk of my savings. Buying a bag should not create any dent in one's budget. If it does, you are spending above your means. And yes, it would look fake on me

Now now! I'm not a fashion savvy person but there are just specific branded products that I have affinity with. Most of them I don't have yet because I don't have a sh*tloads of dwad. 

Life is more interesting if there is something to aspire for, right?

Here are a "few of my favorite things" in random order. I don't have most of them yet. I like dreaming :) Dreaming is free.

1. Ferragamo Pumps

This is so "Charlotte". I love its classific femininity.

2. Louis Vuitton Alma in Red Epi Leather
To me this bag shouts power. It's structured and stiff with some curves to soften the overall look.
I feel this bag reflects my former corporate personality.
I believe that this is a bag that a corporate girl should buy for herself. It shouldn't be given to her by anyone.

3. Prada Saffiano
I only like this Pinkish Saffiano.
The bag spoke to me in a different way. To me this bag is for the "woman who lunch" or that lady who has afternoon tea at the Ritz. I can't tell you why exactly. 
Notice that I always say "I feel", " I believe". 
 Branding is like that. You mostly feel it. It goes beyond reason

4. Black Louboutin Pigalle
I associate this with MIRANDA PRIESTLY, the evil boss in the "The Devil wears Prada"
Visually, this specific type of shoes with red soles means power and style.
If you have this, by all means Be A Bitch.

5. Nude Louboutin Fifi
This type of Louboutins looks so feminine and dainty.
This is the perfect match with the saffiano.
My dream wedding shoes. Goes well with tulle, right?

6. Louis Vuitton Oh Really! Pump
Yes it's really called Oh Really!
For real!
I love love love love the lock.
The peep toe style  signifies, "I'm serious but I could be a flirt if I want to be".

7.  Dwellstudio Peacock Citrine Bed linens
If you reached the point when you care about the design and quality of something not many people will get to're in a good place. 
Not unless people actually frequent your room...then it's a different story.
This is the perfect product for people who are so busy that they want to pamper and please themselves.

8.  Hermes Birkin

9. Chateau Lafite Rothschild 1982
The year of my birth and one of the greatest vintages...
I'm thirsty.

10.  Bvulgari B.Zero Ring 
Zero is the amount  that will be left in my pot if I buy this.
I've tried this on sooooo many times...

11. Furla Practica and other Furla bags
 I love Furla . This is the first branded bag I fell inlove with.
 Back then I couldn't afford it.
When I did have money to buy one, the pastel was gone. 

12.  Tori Burch Primary Reva Ballerina Flats
It's girly, fun, colorful. The gold bling creates a contrast yet compliments the simplicity of the design.

14.  Kate Spade Bags
To me Kate Spade equals  fun, girly and dainty. 
I also love that they have outlet stores so they are affordable.
Note:  I hate coach for the very same reason that they are in outlet stores.

15. Celine Boston Tote
A classic born in 2009.
Perhaps a 5th years anniversary gift, S?
Maybe if I'm good or if I cook well?
Or if I don't lose anything in like 5 years?

got 2 from this trip and 1 was courtesy of S. This means no birthday gift this year.

Anyway...I'm patient.

I have the rest of my life to finish my scavenger hunt. 

Still on Pause,