Thursday, 6 March 2014

Day 19: Flamenco as our wedding dance? Can?

Spain is famous all over the world for FLAMENCO and it all started in Andalusia.

Ofcourse we had to watch di ba!

It seems that in this region, the best flamenco dancers are the gypsies. I was really surprised when our guide said that  actually flamenco had its roots from the Moslems that conquered Spain.

We went to the Gypsy quarters and watched Flamenco performed with calo, a gypsy dialect. A typical performance has 3 parts: singing, dancing and guitar playing.

The performance was simply powerful. The beat of the drums and their tap dancing blended in perfect harmony. Their expressions were painful, strong and passionate.

I read somewhere that songs used in Flamenco are mostly inspired by tragedy, hardships and heart breaks. Its impossible to have that DUENDE if you are always happy.

Incidentally, this DUENDE word is the most difficult word to translate. Literally it means the same thing in Filipino, which is elf. But this word is also defined as the fiery spirit that stirs the emotions leading to great performances. 

Hay jusko,  pag-ibig nga naman. I can almost hear my mom singing "the voice of love bugtot kag bulag saka sa lubi bugtot nadagdag." LSS!!!

As I watched them perform, I kept glancing back and forth between the dancer and S. 

Can S make this expression too? Or will he just look constipated? Or Confused? 

S' eyes that are too small to express any emotions .

Can he dance with power and with an air of arrogance?

I've only seen him bob his head. 

Ang pinaka importanteng tanong....Can he dance at all?

On our way home, he said its easy and kept tapping in the elevator until the elevator stopped for a few seconds! No kidding!

Maybe we will check out that Flamenco school in Makati afterall.

Still on Pause,


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