Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Day 18: Life, Marriage and Tapas

After I retired from my job, I planned to do nothing.

 However, it seems that I am doing so much these past few weeks. So much walking that is. My toes are getting blisters that it's already painful to walk.

I'm resting for a moment, while S is working infront of me. I'm proud in as much as I am annoyed, of him. He wakes up earlier and sleeps later than me so that he can reply to emails and talk to his secretary.

I used to be like that too...Now I know what I did back then was annoying.

I've been in Spain for almost a week now. I am losing track of the days and the time. I love it here and it's a pity that I am leaving soon for Paris. Had I known that it's this beautiful, I would have skipped Paris altogether. Afterall, I've been to Paris a couple of times in the past, the last one was last 2012.

This afternoon, we met a couple who are both on sabbatical. Jane is a professor in Biology and Steve is VP of the university. They said that their kids are all grown up now and each with their own families. They finally found the time to take a much deserved break.

That's exactly what I was thinking when I planned on quitting my job. If I don't quit, I will be taking this break when I'm in my 60s and by that time I may not be as fit as a I am now.

I told S, "I'm glad we started traveling early. I'm glad our knees are still strong and our blood pressure and sugar levels normal."

S agreed.

Then I said..."Can you imagine traveling with restless kids?"

He said he can.

Sometimes I worry that I am not ready for motherhood or married life. 

I feel I have never lived yet.  Sure I have traveled a lot. Infact in this trip, I'm going back to the same countries.

Traveling is different from living and immersing.

When one travels on a short trip, he needs to see the famous landmarks, shop at the famous retail chains and eat at popular restaurants. 

Living, in my mind, is different.  It's making friends with the locals. It's being integrated to a society.

It seems that I lived most of my life studying and working that I never really just stopped...made friends...lay on the beach...stared into people...

I've always been too busy and I'm always thinking.

S is getting nervous because the more time we spent on the road, the more I seem to desire living in Andalusia. 

What struck me the most is, when people go out for tapas...they don't have iPhones and iPads. They actually talk to the person seating beside them.  We actually managed to talk to people and learn new things.

I want to have time to stay in a place and have the time to enjoy and make friends. When I was in Singapore, I only made friends with people I work with and when we are together we talked about work.

This trip is like TAPAS. Sampling the different places in small portions and if I like something, I will get the RACION or the bigger portion.

The question is if I still can order my RACION.

My food is getting cold and S is almost done. Here's sharing my food with you!

Still on Pause,


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