Sunday, 9 March 2014

Day 23: Parisian Markets

Bonjour! Today is a market day! 

With the prices of dining out, most Parisians still cook and eat at home. I would eat at home too if we get such amazing produce.

Price of dining out in Paris is really expensive. Steaks and frites cost 12 euros on average. A glass of wine costs 3.50 cheapest. Coffee costs 1.20 when consumed standing in a bar and around 2.50 when consumed in the premises. 

When I was in New York we had lunch in a 3 michelin star restaurant and we spent around 120 usd for 2pax. In Paris, lunch in a 3 michelin star restaurant costs 198 euro/ head.

So I can imagine that people here have dine in home more frequently that people in the US. This is probably why they are slimmer despite eating a lot of butter and drinking lots of wine.

I hope in the future I get invited by a local to have dinner in his house. That'll be a nice experience.

Still on Pause,


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