Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Day 40: The Wedding Cake

I had this brilliant idea to walk all the way to the Peninsula Hotel. I almost fainted because of the heat.

Yes! Summer has officially started and I didn't even realize because I'm just so out of it these days. My brain is making me pay for the 10 years I made it work overtime.

At the Pen, I met up with a famous pastry chef, PENK CHING, for my wedding cake. Chef Penk made the inauguration cake of the Philippine President and the wedding cakes of other presidential kids.

I'm very honored that she agreed to do my cake. My brother personally knows her because they have joined several competitions in the  past.

I may not have a dream bouquet or a dream wedding dress like most brides....but I have always wanted famous pastry chefs to make my cakes for whatever special occasion.

Which is why, I asked Chef Peachy Juban do to my tinghun "pollination" cake. My despedida cake was also done by Chef Peachy, thankkkksss to Chef Joanne Limoanco!

Anyhu, My brother suggested we go for a "satellite" execution instead of tiers.

This means 8-10 cakes with individual designs!

The table will also be decorated with candles and flowers.

I'm very excited! 

After the wonderful chitchat with Chef Penk, I  walked back to greenbelt  and had a cold sangria because I deserve one!

Still on Pause,



  1. Wow! Now that is going to be one awesome cake!! individual designs for each? Wow!

  2. My brother said too much going on
    He made me choose just one
    Chef Penk is competing in sg now so we will discuss when she's back