Monday, 3 March 2014

Day 16: Picasso and his Bitchez

normally skip art museums but since we are in the birth place of Picasso, we have to pay our respects to the work of one of the greatest maestros of the 20th century.

If Matisse was then known for colors, Picasso was known for lines. He is the father of the movement known as cubism.

Yes, I do know art but knowing it doesn't mean I'm crazy over it.

But it's not cubism that tickled my interest on Picasso.

What I found interesting about him are his women  and how his paintings reflected their stages of relationships.

Like many artists, Picasso had a number of wives and mistresses. They were his muse. I wonder what's the excuse of other cheating men out there.

And through his paintings, you can see how their relationship evolved.

His first wife Olga was a Russian Ballerina. He fell inlove with her during a production in Alhambra.

During the first stages of their relationship, he painted these beautiful paintings which I was fortunate enough to see.

After a couple of years, his vision of her had changed. He painted her with sharp teeth and with thin and skeletal-like body. 

In Seated Bather, owned by MoMa NY,  Olga  is portrayed as  a machine like, cold woman.

I'd be abrasive and nasty too if my husband is cheating on me!

During this time, Picasso was having an affair with Marie Therese Walters. At about the same time he was painting Olga as a mean machine, he was showing Marie Therese as a bright and shiny blonde.

These other set of paintings were inspired by Dora Maar. A photojournalist who was also his mistress and muse, albeit dark and twisted. 

During happier days...

During her topak days...

Dora Maar was erratic, emotional and unstable. The painting was meant to show her "animalistic nature"

Dora Maar was also the inspiration behind, The Weeping Woman.

Picasso said...

"Dora, for me, was always a weeping woman....And it's important, because women are suffering machines."

That made me laugh. Women are suffering machines. THAT SO TRUE!

wonder if your partner is artistic, should you accept the fact that he could potentially be a philanderer? For ART'S SAKE?

To find out more about Picasso and his women visit:

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  1. I didn't know about this. An amusing and interesting I guess one might say that in a way, these women had a hand in giving birth to the Cubism movement. Hehe.

    Oh and I'm artistic, not a philanderer though. :D

    1. Baka you'll be more artistic if you do! You may start designing castles na cguro